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For ages 4-8 but to be enjoyed by all.


Reading List: Teamwork

Though everyone has times where they want to do things on their own, teamwork is what helps get big things accomplished. Teams can take shape on soccer fields and in swimming pools, but they can also appear in a classroom or on a playground. Working together utilizes the strengths of everyone in the group in […]

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Thematic Reading List: Siblings

Having a sibling can be both wonderful and challenging—especially when they are brand new! This book list incorporates fiction books about siblings of various ages, from brand new to elementary school. These books discuss the joys and tribulations that come with having a sibling, allowing readers to build empathy and understanding for one another. Ideal […]

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Thematic Reading List: Self-esteem

One of the most important attributes to foster in young children is self-esteem. These six books, geared towards ages 4 to 7, focus on how being unique is good and how we should accept ourselves for all our qualities and talents.               Because You Matter By: Jan Carmen Liles […]

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Thematic Reading List : Oceans Away!!! A Celebration of the World’s Oceans

This list includes fiction and nonfiction books that focus on the ecosystems of the ocean, for ages 4 through 11. Contributor: Elizabeth Bridges                   The Big Book of the Blue By: Yuval Zommer This book focuses on biodiversity for elementary age children. Sea creatures’ habitats, ways of […]

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Thematic Reading List: Sharing

Some children are naturals at sharing, but many are not. These 8 books can help teach small children the value of sharing with others.               Share with Brother By: Steven L. Layne Illustrated by: Ard Hoyt A young boy grows angry at being told, over and over, “Share with brother and […]

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Thematic Reading List: The World Around Me

The outside world is filled with beauty and wonderful things. The books in this list begin to introduce readers ages 0-3 to the world around them, including different seasons, landscapes, and interesting features. The format and structure of these books are ideally suited to serve as captivating guides to very young children. Contributed by: Mary […]

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Thematic Reading List: Contrast and Opposites

This book list includes a collection of titles for children ages 0-3. Some of the books feature high contrast images, which are especially interesting to infants who don’t quite have their full eyesight. Others contrast objects, particularly with regard to opposites, a concept that is important for the older end of this age group to […]

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Thematic Reading List: Bees, bees, bees!

World Honey Bee Day is a time to celebrate the work that honey bees do to pollinate foods and flowers so that plants and animals can continue to thrive. Though sometimes scary, it is important to learn as much about these creatures as possible to protect them and support their survival. This book list is […]

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Thematic Reading List: All in the Family

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and all of them should be celebrated! This assortment of books examines families of all kinds, including fiction and non-fiction titles. No matter what a family looks like on the outside, it is filled with love on the inside. These books are selected for children ages 5-8 and […]

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Thematic Reading List: Celebrating Dad

Sometimes it seems easier to find books about a child’s relationship with mom than it does to find books about relationships with dad. Luckily, CLCD has plenty of titles to help us find those hidden gems. We’ve chosen ten titles perfect for dads to share with their youngest children, so they will know dad is […]

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Thematic Reading List: Absolutely Me: A celebration of the unique in all of us

This book list for ages 4 to 8 celebrates qualities that we share and those that make us different. Contributor: Elizabeth Bridges             Stand Tall Molly Lou Mellon By: Patty Lovell Illustrated by: David Catrow First-grader Molly Lou Melon, short, buck-toothed, and clumsy, is nevertheless in possession of unshakable self-confidence […]

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Thematic Reading List: 15 Yoga books for the Mind & Body

Looking for a way to get your children or students up and moving? Yoga is a great mind-body practice that children and adults alike can enjoy. Let the imaginations run wild when pretending to be animals in various yoga poses. Greet the sun with a series of poses to jump-start the morning. Calm the mind […]

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Thematic Reading List: Go! Go! Go!

A thematic booklist for toddlers that like to move. Perfect for ages 0-4. Contributed by: Elizabeth Bridges               Little Blue Truck By: Alice Schertle Illustrated by: Jill McElmurry A small blue truck finds his way out of a jam, with a little help from his friends. The Pigeon Loves […]

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Thematic Reading List: Tap me a Rhythm, Sing me a Song

Great books for kids ages 0-3 who love rhythm and music. These selections include a blend of traditional favorites and new hits that inspire movement and participation. Readers of all ages will enjoy sharing these books with their youngest family members, especially reading them aloud. Don’t be surprised if these books are requested over and […]

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Thematic Reading List: Farm Animals

While April 10 is National Farm Animals Day, any day is a good day to celebrate farm animals. Our list was created with 4-7 year olds in mind and provides a variety of animals on American farms.               All Kinds of Farms By: Daniel Shepard Simple text and photographs […]

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Thematic Reading List: Kindergarten

Kindergarten- the first formal education of many children. The concept of Kindergarten was created by Wilhelm August Frobel whom started the very first Kindergarten in Germany in 1837. Frobel believed that children learn through play and experience. Kindergarten was a balance of the two that would allow children to transition from home to school more […]

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Thematic Reading List: 20 Under the Sea Picture Books

Whether it starts with a pet fish or a trip to the beach, some kids love reading about sea creatures. Our list of 20 picture books featuring sea animals is sure to create even more interest about the many sea dwellers on our planet.                   Barry, the […]

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Thematic Reading List: 21 Bunnies Hop into Picture Books

Beatrix Potter seemed to immortalize rabbits when she introduced the world to Peter Rabbit. In all, she would write 23 tales about rabbits and outdoor creatures. Whether rabbits show up as main characters or stuffed animals, rabbits have been quite popular in picture books. Here is our list of bunnies who bounce along the pages […]

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Thematic Reading List: Australian Legends of Children’s Literature

This year the Australian postal service has chosen to honor some of their most memorable children’s authors by spotlighting them in its Australian Legends stamp series. The Australian Legends stamp series honors Australians who have made a significant contribution in their chosen field or a chosen theme. Examples of past themes are legends in sports, […]

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Thematic Reading List:Feb 22 National Wildlife Day (& Sept. 4)

In honor of National Wildlife Day, we have chosen 10 hilarious picture books featuring wildlife animals as major characters in each story. To learn more about National Wildlife Day, which is celebrated on both February 22 and September 4, visit. http://nationalwildlifeday.com/                   Horrible Bear! By: Ame Dyckman Illustrated […]

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