STEM Reading List: Nocturnal Animals

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While we are sleeping, there is a world of animals up and about. Learn more about nocturnal animals with this list of books.








collage Wolves Howl at the Moon (I Didn’t Know That series)
By: Cecilia Fitzsimons

Presents the habitats and behavior of various nocturnal animals, from leopards and wolves to bats, owls, and foxes.
1584690895 Forest Bright, Forest Night
By: Jennifer Ward
Illustrated by: Jamichael Henterly

Rhyming text introduces animals that live in the forest during the day and at night, while readers can count how many animals appear in the illustrations based on the number indicated.
1841215899 While You Were Sleeping
By: Mike Butler

In this counting book, Daisy’s mother tells her of the many animals in the world who swim and play and fly while Daisy is asleep, from one tiger hunting in the jungle to ten penguins jumping out of the icy sea.
9780448448244 Black Out!: animals that live in the dark
By: Ginjer L. Clark
Illustrated by: Pete Mueller

Did you know that the luna moth only flutters around at night–or that it has a wingspan as wide as a bowl of soup? This reader is packed with interesting facts about all the creepy animals that we never get to see during the daytime, like the barn owl, the blind cavefish, and the vampire squid.
9781640002340 Aye-ayes
By: Quinn M. Arnold

Peer into the nocturnal Madagascan forest canopies with this high-interest introduction to the long-fingered primates known as aye-ayes.
9781422215234 100 things you should know about nocturnal animals
By: Camilla de le Bedoyere

This informative book presents 100 details about nocturnal animals, including information on their heightened senses, communication in the dark, bioluminescence, and hunting at night.


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