Rowdy Robots — Picture Books With Mechanical Main Characters


Robots are a sure thing to grab the attention of young children. From Rosie, the Jetson’s maid in the 80’s to today’s high-tech droids buzzing airport control towers, robots are certainly intriguing to all ages. Go ahead and share picture books about robots or take it a step further like the librarian in our feature article who is doing robotics and coding in her school library.






Zoe and Robot, Let's Pretend by Ryan Sias Zoe and Robot Let’s Pretend
By: Ryan Sias

A young girl tries to teach her robot how to pretend. Ages 6-9

Welcome to Robot Town by Ryan Heshka Welcome to Robot Town
By: Ryan Heshka

Simple text introduces the hardworking residents of Robot town, including TrafficBot and Mechanic Crank Shaft. Ages 4-7

Snowie Rolie by William Joyce Snowie Rolie
By: William Joyce

When the sun begins to melt the snow, Olie and Zowie take their snowman friend, Mr. Snowie, to a new home in Chillsville.  Ages 4-8

Robots Slither by Ryan Ann Hunter Robots Slither
By: Ryan Hunter

Rhyming verse describes the many things that robots can do, while sidebars present more detailed information on actual robots today and as planned for the future.  Ages 4-8

Robomop by Sean Taylor Robomop
By: Sean Taylor

A robotic mop, assigned to clean a basement restroom, yearns to feel the sunshine, see the world, and more, but when he is finally outside, he discovers that what he needs most of all is a friend.  Ages 5-8

Rafa Was My Robot by Alexandra Dellevoet Rafa Was My Robot
By: Alexandra Dellevoet and Ken Turner

Jacob and his robot Rafa do everything together, but one day, Rafa begins to slow down, becoming weaker with each day, and Jacob, unable to find a cure for his friend, must come to terms with possibly losing him.  Ages 6-7

Motordog by Kurt Cyrus Motordog
By: Kurt Cyrus

Flip orders a “perfect pet” from the Internet but neither the leash nor the remote control may be enough when Motor Dog decides to go after Scoot the Cat.  Ages 4-7

Junkyard by Mike Austin Junkyard
By: Mike Austin

Munching Machines enter a huge junkyard and consume all of the waste, then smooth the ground, plant trees and flowers, create a lake and playground, and much more.  Ages 4-8

Hello Robots by Bob Staake Hello, Robots
By: Bob Staake

Nothing can stop hard-working robots, Blink, Zinc, Blip, and Zip, from performing their many household tasks until they get caught in a downpour.  Ages 3-8

Doug Unplugged by Dan Yaccarino Doug Unplugged
By: Dan Yaccarino

Doug the robot discovers that cities are much more than downloaded facts when he unplugs from the computer feed and explores one first-hand.  Ages 5-9

Baby Brains and RoboMom by Simon James Baby Brains And RoboMom
By: Simon James

Baby Brains invents RoboMom to do all the household chores and give his tired parents a rest.

Welcome to Your Awesome Robot by Viviane Schwarz Welcome to Your Awesome Robot
By: Viviane Schwarz

A child and his mother construct a robot out of a cardboard box, in a book that includes instructions for making and customizing one’s own cardboard-box robot.


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