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For ages 4-8 but to be enjoyed by all.


Thematic Reading List: Memorial Day

A look at books to help your students and children understand Memorial Day and the military.               Memorial Day By: Clara Cella Shares what Memorial Day is, how to celebrate it, and activities to honor it. Memorial Day By: R. J. Bailey This photo-illustrated book for early readers describes […]

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Thematic Reading List: 10 Beary Good Books for Ages 4 to 8

If your child loves reading about bears, have you picked up any of these from your local library? These are great for bear lovers ages 4 to 8. All books were published between 2008-2018.                   Believe me, Goldilocks Rocks!: the story of the three bears as told by […]

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Thematic Reading List: Imaginary Companions

Imaginary companions come in all shapes and sizes- monsters, animals, skeletons, and other humans. They come for many reasons too, but in most fiction imaginary companions come to help a child get through a difficult situation. Our Imaginary Companions reading list provides picture books and chapter books from the perspective of the child, and a […]

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Thematic Reading List: 10 Books to Honor Jazz Appreciation Month

April is Jazz Appreciation Month, which honors the history and heritage of jazz. Here are 10 books about legendary jazz performers perfect for elementary grades.                     Jazz on a Saturday Night By: Leo Dillon The simple, effortlessly rhyming text shows how jazz musicians work together to improvise […]

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Thematic Reading List: 10 Wacky Ducks

Ducks seem to always find their way into crazy situations in picture books. Ten of our favorite wacky duck books provide laughter for children and adults.               Ducks away! By: Mem Fox  One by one five little ducklings tumble off the bridge into the river below–and mother duck follows […]

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Thematic Reading List: 10 ABC Books to Help Your Youngster Learn the Alphabet

Most parents grab summer beach books to take on vacation to keep their children occupied. But, why not set up your soon-to-be preschooler or kindergartner with the beginning skills he or she needs before starting school? Many ABC books provide a chance not only to learn the alphabet, but to also broaden vocabulary, begin phonemic […]

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Thematic Reading List: Saving Our Planet One Effort at a Time

One of the most motivational ways to show children the importance of saving our planet is through pictures and stories. This reading list tackles stories of recycling, water conservation, how to help keep our planet clean and how to participate in Earth Day.             When Rivers Burned: the Earth Day story […]

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Thematic Reading List- Nature is Incredible

There is so much changing in spring. Follow this thematic reading list to find out about nature in spring, from plants to animals, and all the growth that happens during this blooming season.                   It’s Spring! By: Linda Glaser A child observes the arrival of spring and its effects […]

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Featured Article – For the Love of Nonfiction: Children’s Nonfiction Author Gail Gibbons

Finally! America is finally thawing out. After four Nor’easters and snowfall in spring, the reality of spring is finally here. And with it, come many books to teach children about nature, planting, gardens, and growth. What author comes to mind when I think about these types of books? None other than Gail Gibbons. Gail Gibbons’ work is found in […]

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Thematic List- The Luck of the Irish

We’ve all heard about the luck of the Irish. This week’s list includes many characters who desire a touch of luck. Books listed cover a variety of ages, from six to sixteen.                   A Big Dose of Lucky By: Marthe Jocelyn Sixteen-year-old Malou decides to uncover the circumstances […]

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Award of The Week-The Maxwell Medallion

The Maxwell Medallion is given by the Dog Writers Association of America. This award, named after Maxwell Riddle who wrote a syndicated dog column for 30 years and was a past president of DWAA, is given to many forms of professional writing devoted to dogs. Nominees are announced in the winter edition of the newsletter, […]

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Thematic Reading List: Dogs- 15 Books About Dogs

Dog characters are no stranger to children’s literature- Biscuit, Clifford, Hank the Cowdog just to name a few. We have chosen a variety of books, suitable for ages 5 to 12, that show dogs in many distinct roles and situations. Many of the titles will provoke meaningful conversations about responsibility, loyalty, acceptance, and much more. […]

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Thematic Reading List: Black History Month- 25 best books

                Martin’s Big Words: the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. By: Doreen Rappaport A picture book biography that introduces the ideas and accomplishments of a gifted and influential speaker by using some of his own words to tell the story. Langston Hughes By: Milton Meltzer Tells […]

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Award of the Week: Children’s Choice Book Awards

The Children’s and Teen Choice Book Awards are the only national book awards chosen only by kids and teens. It is sponsored by the Children’s Book Council (CBC) which is the nonprofit trade association of children’s book publishers in North America, dedicated to supporting the industry and promoting children’s books and reading. 2017 Winners by […]

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Award of the Week-Christian Book Award

Christian Book Award The Christian Book Award® program recognizes the highest quality in Christian books and Bibles and is among the oldest and most prestigious awards program in the religious publishing industry.           Finalists and winners are selected in eleven categories: Bibles Bible Reference works Bible Study Ministry Resources Biography & […]

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Thematic Reading List: December Celebrations Around the World

In this issue, we will introduce you to books that represent the many holiday stories, customs and celebrations that are held around the world during December. As you read these books with your children, place a special emphasis on traditions that we share with other countries.           The Eight Nights of […]

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Thematic Reading List- Kindness

Children’s book authors and publishers know the impact that a book about kindness can have on a child. We are a fortunate society to have so many books about good acts available to us. It is our job to keep them available and read them to our children. Put them in your classrooms, libraries, and […]

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Thematic Reading List- Spooky Reads

This week we are sharing reviews of some spooky reads you might want to share with those who love scary stories, and a few not-as-scary Halloween reads.             Steampunk: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein By: Mary Shelley Illustrated by: Zdenko Basic and Manuel Sumberac This original horror story begins and ends with […]

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Celebrate Banned Books

In a past position as a high school librarian, I entered my office one day to find an art history book on my desk opened to a photograph of a nude statue. Confused, I simply put the book back on its appropriate shelf only to have it reappear on my desk later in the week. […]

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Reading List – Back to School

For some of you this list is a week or two late. Here in upstate New York we start school right after Labor Day. For the first time in 9 years I will be joining the throngs of teachers and students headed back to the hallways this fall. Here are some of my favorites. Splat […]

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