Thematic Reading List: 15 Yoga books for the Mind & Body


Looking for a way to get your children or students up and moving? Yoga is a great mind-body practice that children and adults alike can enjoy. Let the imaginations run wild when pretending to be animals in various yoga poses. Greet the sun with a series of poses to jump-start the morning. Calm the mind and the body before laying down to rest. These 15 yoga books will introduce yoga to children in interactive and playful ways to open up possibilities of mindful movement and thought. Children will be able to connect with their peers and loved adults in their life with these yoga books. This book list is intended for children ages 2 to 12.

Contributed by: Kristen Bowman



9781419716645 I Am Yoga
By: Susan Verde

Follow a young girl as she does a series of yoga poses in order to help make sense of the world around her. She comes to yoga when the challenges in her life seem too big or overwhelming. With a calm and clear mind after yoga she can face the challenges with a new perspective. A step-by-step guide to each pose is included at the back of the book.
9781633225107 ABC Mindful Me
By: Christiane Engel

With a mindful movement or practice for each letter of the alphabet young children will learn about their breath, kindness, compassion, and gratitude.
0062429523 Yoga Bunny
By: Brian Russo

Yoga Bunny greets the morning with a series of yoga poses as his animal friends race by in grumpy moods. As Yoga Bunny continues to practice the poses his animal friends take notice and decide to join him. As moods shift, the animals have more positive thoughts and reflections.
9780399256028 You are a Lion! and Other Fun Yoga Poses
By: Taeeun Yoo

Can you roar like a lion? Flap your wings like a butterfly? Slither like a snake? Join a little boy and his friends as they practice animal yoga poses in a garden.
9780982258705 The ABCs of Yoga for Kids
By: Teresa Anne Power

Fifty-six yoga poses are introduced that correspond to each letter of the alphabet. Airplane, butterfly, dog, waterfall, and lion just to name a few.
1622036026 Good morning yoga: a pose-by-pose wake up story
By: Mariam Gates

The series of yoga poses presented in this book is a wonderful way to start your day. Reach, stretch, breathe, and move first thing in the morning to promote wellness all day.
9781622034666 Good night yoga: a pose-by-pose bedtime story
By: Mariam Gates

The series of yoga poses presented in this book is a wonderful way to end your day. Calm your mind and body in order to relax and rest peacefully.
9781620141922 A Morning with Grandpa
By: Sylvia Liu

A young girl joins her grandfather in nature to learn Chi Gong, a flowing movement practice from China. The granddaughter then teaches her grandfather yoga.
9780762464678 Yoga Frog
By: Nora Carpenter

Yoga Frog has a sequence for children and adults to practice yoga together. With a warm up and a cool down Yoga Frog’s sequence is sure to engage the body and the mind.
9781635650464 Meddy Teddy: A Mindful Journey
By: Apple Jordan
Illustrated by: Nicholas Hong

Meddy Teddy is a bear that practices yoga and meditation. Join Meddy Teddy in this yoga sequence designed to get the blood flowing, muscles moving, and mind clearing.
9781622039791 Yoga Bug: simple poses for little ones
By: Sarah Jane Hinder

A series of 10 bug inspired yoga poses featured in this board book are sure to shake off winter hibernation and get children energized. Playful illustrations of young children practicing the poses will help children to follow along. The entire yoga bug flow is included at the end.
9781623368838 Breathe Like a Bear
By: Kira Willey

Thirty mindful moments for children are organized into sections such as be calm, focus, imagine, make some energy, and relax in this guide. Children and adults can practice these exercises anywhere. Detailed descriptions and colorful scenes with fun animal illustrations bring these exercises to life.
9781423649359 Yoga Storytime
By: Miriam Raventos

Journey back in time to learn about the origins of the yoga practice in ancient India. The history of yoga and poses to practice in real time with guidance make this a unique picture book. Inviting illustrations with authentic depictions of people practicing yoga in India, a reading guide, and pose glossary top off this book.
0399186611 Meditate with Me: A Step-by-Step Mindfulness Journey
By: Mariam Gates

The foundation of any yoga practice is a focus on the breath. Young children will be guided to sit and listen to their own breathing, sounds around them, and to explore their senses with eyes closed.
9781622039067 Zoo Zen: a yoga story for kids
By: Kristen Fischer

Balance like a bear, glide like a cobra, and roar like a lion with young Lyla as she rolls out her mat and practice zoo animal inspired yoga poses. Count each group of animals that greets Lyla on her mat!


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