Thematic Reading List: Siblings


Having a sibling can be both wonderful and challenging—especially when they are brand new! This book list incorporates fiction books about siblings of various ages, from brand new to elementary school. These books discuss the joys and tribulations that come with having a sibling, allowing readers to build empathy and understanding for one another. Ideal for ages 5-8, but families will find them to be enjoyable to read together, as well.
Contributed by: Mary Lanni




9781419722905 Brobot Bedtime
By: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
Illustrated by: Scott Campbell

Bedtime for young robots means recharging and entering sleep mode, but when Beep has trouble powering down, can his brothers help?
9780763662417 Bye-Bye Baby Brother!
By: Sheena Dempsey

Tiring of a newborn sibling who demands all her busy mother’s attention, Ruby gets bored with endless solo activities and imagines creative ways to make her baby brother disappear, adventures that become so much fun that she decides to tag along.
1484722302 I Love You, Baby
By: Giles Andreae
Illustrated by: Emma Dodd

A child shares the joy of a new baby sibling, from the messy hair above a little forehead to the two ticklish feet below pudgy ankles.
9780375856273 I’m Your Peanut Butter Big Brother
By: Selina Alko

A child in an interracial family wonders what his yet-to-be-born sibling will look like.
9780763637088 I Will Never, Not Ever, Eat a Tomato
By: Lauren Child
Illustrated by:Corina Fletcher

Lola, a fussy eater, decides to sample the carrots after her brother Charlie convinces her that they are really orange twiglets from Jupiter.
9781623541095_p0_v1_s550x406 Little Bro, Big Sis
By: Rocio Bonilla

A sister and brother are bothered by one another until they realize that two siblings might be okay after all.
9781580894036 Lola Reads to Leo
By: Anna McQuinn
Illustrated by: Rosalind Beardshaw

Lola reads storybooks to her new baby brother Leo, and even though Mommy and Daddy are busy, they still have time to read to Lola at bedtime.
9780399159978 Me First!
By: Max Kornell

A brother and sister’s constant attempts to outdo each other land them in a sticky situation.
9780763678104 The New Small Person
By: Lauren Child

Elmore Green likes being an only child, so when his parents bring a new small person, his baby brother, into the house, he is not pleased and does his best to keep the new small person out of his life.
9781423171126 One Busy Day
By: Lola M. Schaefer
Illustrated by: Jessica Meserve

Mia’s big brother Spencer never seems to have time to play with her. But with a little imagination and a lot of love, Mia shows Spencer it’s a lot more fun to be busy together.
9780762455874 The Seven Princesses
By: Smiljana Coh

Once upon a time, there were seven princess sisters who did everything together, from horseback riding to jumping in royal leaf piles to throwing legendary pinata parties. But one day, they had the biggest fight in the entire history of princess fighting. There was no worse sound than the sound of this fight. Will the sisters ever find a way to fill their kingdom with sounds of laughter and playing again? Princesses of all sizes will royally delight in this modern-day fairy tale of sibling rivalry, adventure, and unconditional sisterly love.
9780545231350 Tony Baloney
By: Pam Muñoz Ryan and Edwin Fatheringham
Illustrated by: Ramon de Ocampo

Tony, a macaroni penguin, is a middle child with very exasperating siblings, and although he never looks for trouble, it often finds him.


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