Thematic Reading List: Contrast and Opposites


This book list includes a collection of titles for children ages 0-3. Some of the books feature high contrast images, which are especially interesting to infants who don’t quite have their full eyesight. Others contrast objects, particularly with regard to opposites, a concept that is important for the older end of this age group to begin learning. No matter a child’s development in this age group, there is something here for everyone.
Contributed by: Mary Lanni

0062342312 Big Chickie, Little Chickie: a Book of Opposites
By: Janee Trasler

Silly rhyming text invites young readers to join the chickies as they have their pictures taken and learn about opposites.
+-+499441304_140 Big and Little: a Book About Opposites
By: No Author

Teaches young children opposites, including “first and last,” “clean and dirty,” “hot and cold,” and “black and white.” On board pages.
9781605371498 Big and Small
By: Guido van Genechten

Invites readers to identify which of different animals, including penguins, elephants, and alligators, are biggest and smallest and ready for the party.
+-+4427544356_70 Black Bird Yellow Sun
By: Steve Light

As a solitary black bird wings its way through the day, little ones are treated to a magnificent flight from one vibrant color to another.
0688119182 Black on White
By: Tana Hoban

Black illustrations against a white background depict such objects as an elephant, butterfly, and leaf.
9781770494435 Checkers and Dot on the Farm
By: J. Torres and J. Lum

Checkers and Dot visit the farm where they meet some animal friends and learn some new animal sounds.
9781426310430 Opposites
By: National Geographic Society

Introduces students to big and small, short and tall, fast and slow, and other opposite ways we can group concepts and objects we encounter every day.
1553378326 Opposites with Polar Animals
By: Melanie Watt

Explores what it means for things to be opposite to one another while introducing various polar animals.
9780887767906 Over Under
By: Marthe Jocelyn
Illustrated by: Tom Slaughter

Illustrations with strong colors and simple drawings of animals to demonstrate some opposite concept like short and tall, over and under, and black and white.
9780763614607 What is Black and White?
By: Petr Horacek

Illustrations and simple text show a variety of things that are black, white, or both.
0688119190 White on Black
By: Tana Hoban

White illustrations against a black background depict such objects as a horse, baby bottle, and sailboat.
0688129218 Who Are They?
By: Tana Hoban

Black silhouettes against white background depict different mother animals and their young, from one sheep to five ducks. On board pages.


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