Thematic Reading List: Self-esteem


One of the most important attributes to foster in young children is self-esteem. These six books, geared towards ages 4 to 7, focus on how being unique is good and how we should accept ourselves for all our qualities and talents.








1592982212 Because You Matter
By: Jan Carmen Liles
Illustrated by: Patricia Jerde

When a gang of weasels teases the animals at the zoo, Harriet Hummingbird and her friends find a way to reassure each animal of his or her unique beauty and importance.
9780531264287 Being Me
By: Julie Broski
Illustrated by: Vincent Vigla

A young girl tells what it is like being her, describing the things she likes to do. Includes suggested learning activities.
9780547401638 I Like Myself
By: Karen Beaumont
Illustrated by: David Catrow

In rhyming text, a little girl expresses confidence and joy in her uniqueness, no matter her outward appearance.
9780316230537 It’s Okay to Make Mistakes
Written and illustrated by: Todd Parr

Presents a series of situations in which taking chances and trying new things can lead to good results, even if there were mistakes along the way.
9780062427588_p0_v1_s600x595 Remarkably You
By: Pat Zietlow Miller
Illustrated by: Patrice Barton

Rhyming text encourages young readers to discover what they are good at and use it to make a difference in big ways or in small ones.
9780618581320 Wow! It Sure is Good to Be Me
By: Cynthia Jabar

A young girl learns that her family and friends think that she is a wonderful person with her own special qualities and that they love her for who she is.


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