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Are you a school librarian who works in a school with a STEM program? If so, and even if not, STEMWorks can be the right tool to enhance the STEM curriculum in your school.

Why focus on STEM? STEM is so significant it’s hard to put into words. Science, technology, engineering, and math provide the components to create new medical devices and cures, safer travel, a healthier planet, and many other advances and discoveries. STEM affects everything! Look at California, for instance. The state battles severe drought, wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes, and shore erosion. Scientists are needed to not only analyze what is happening and why it is happening but what can be done to minimize the adverse effects and how creative solutions might be developed to address these real-life concerns while being wildly innovative and creative. A firm foundation in the sciences is required for this type of assessment. CLCD’s STEMWorks addresses these areas by offering a wide variety of topics and sub-topics focused on these very subjects.

STEMWorks offers information on over 400,000 STEM-related titles geared for ages 4 to 18 and allows titles to be quickly searched for easy access to an abundance of information. STEMWorks focuses on over 20 super topics with 200 key STEM topics for dynamic search results. Each super topic and topic in STEMWorks was carefully chosen to use terms that children will quickly recognize while staying close to industry standard terms. STEMWorks book details provide access to book reviews, other similar subject titles, curriculum tools, and the opportunity for teachers and librarians around the globe to share how they use the book to further learning. Include filters such as grade and curriculum tools and instantly have an activity or lesson ready for a teacher in need. Be a STEM leader in your school by creating STEM booklists to share with science and math teachers. Create STEM book displays in a snap with STEMWorks’ broad topic searching format. Read book reviews of the latest published STEM-related titles to help with growing a vibrant, significant STEM collection. Overlay your library’s collection with CLCD’s STEMWorks so students can view the diverse STEM collection you have created for their school. By being a STEM leader, you are part of the team educating the next aerospace engineer, doctor that cures Parkinson’s disease, or renewable energy developer.

The goal of STEMWorks is to not only supplement literacy programs and project-based learning but also to generate interest in STEM topics with the hope of closing the gap in STEM careers. We believe that fostering interest today will help build a community of problem solvers and creative thinkers who are ready to tackle our world’s challenges today and in the future. Firm believers in the effect of just one book on a young mind, CLCD stands with educators in making the learning process more accessible. STEMWorks is yet another excellent tool to incorporate books into the classroom experience.

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