Picture Books

For ages 4-8 but to be enjoyed by all.

Summer Olympics

   The Games of the XXX Olympiad-the 2012 Summer Olympic games-are being held in London, England. From the July 27th Opening Ceremony to the August 12th Closing Ceremony, athletes from 197 countries around the world will compete in 26 different sports representing their home countries. This is a time when country residents stand together to support […]

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The Beach

   A beach is found along the shoreline of a body of water. Most often, we think of beaches along an ocean or lake. The land material is often composed of tiny loose rocks known as sand, or larger pebbles and rocks. The waves and currents deposit and transform the sand and sediment, shaping the beach. […]

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Summer Fun

   When I think of summer my mind immediately thinks of long, hot, sunny days. I hear cicadas chirping, I picture barbeques, swimming pools, fireflies, and ice cream, and I imagine being outside as much as possible. For many students, summer is also the promise of more freedom. Having more free time than during the school […]

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