The Chocolate Lily Book Award — British Columbia’s Reader’s Choice Children’s Book Award


The Chocolate Lily Book Award was the brain child of teacher-librarian, Karen Ehrenholz who was looking to connect her own daughters as well as her students to writers and illustrators in their own community.  The award is a reader’s choice award which encourages grade school students to read and enjoy fiction written by authors and illustrators in British Columbia. Below are the picture book winners since the awards inception, starting with the most recent 2016 award to the first award in 2003.  Please click here for the novel winners.

If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur by If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur
By Linda Bailey

A humorous survey of the practical things dinosaurs can do explains how otherwise unused dinosaurs can offer a perfect excuse for forgetting homework while also making good nutcrackers, kites, and burglar alarms. Ages 3-7

Not Your Typical Dragon by Dan Bar-el Not Your Typical Dragon
By: Dan Bar-el

When Crispin Blaze turns seven, he’s expected to breathe fire like all the other dragons. But instead of fire, he breathes a host of unusual things. Ages 3-5

Toads on Toast by Linda Bailey Toads on Toast
By: Linda Bailey

Determined to protect her unruly brood from Fox’s frying pan, Mamma Toad offers herself in exchange and eventually persuades Fox to try her secret recipe for Toad-in-a-Hole, a tasty–and toadless–treat that everyone ends up enjoying together. Ages 3-7

I Want to Go to The Moon by Tom Saunders I Want to Go to the Moon
By: Tom Saunders

Even though the people around him discourage him, a young Neil Armstrong yearns to fly to the moon and does everything he can to prepare for the day when man travels into outer space. Ages 4-8

Stanley's Little Sister by Linda Bailey Stanley’s Little Sister
By: Linda Bailey

Stanley wonders if Fluffy the cat, the new pet in the house, will ever like him after Stanley’s owners and Fluffy misunderstand his attempts at friendliness. Ages 4-8

Fred and Pete at the Beach by Cynthia Nugent Fred and Pete at the Beach
By: Cynthia Nugent

A humorous story about two dogs determined to find their own way to the beach. Ages 5-8

Penguin and the Cupcake by Ashley Spires Penguin and the Cupcake
By: Ashley Spires

Bored with eating nothing but fish his entire life, an adventurous penguin leaves Antarctica and journeys north to dine on a more colorful and tasty treat. Ages 2-5

Mechanimals by Chris Tougas Mechanimals
By: Chris Tougas

When a tornado leaves a farmer with a heap of scrap metal and no animals, his neighbors are sure it’s all over for him. But the determined farmer refuses to admit defeat. His plans are big, and when his neighbors dismiss them with the words, “When pigs fly,” they grow bigger still. The farmer sets to work to turn that scrap metal into some rather surprising creatures. Ages 4-7

Stanley's Wild Ride by Linda Bailey Stanley’s Wild Ride
By: Linda Bailey

Stanley knows he’s not supposed to leave the yard, but he’s dog-tired of it. So when he discovers a way out … he’s gone! A few escapes later, five dogs are on the lam. And with Stanley in the lead, they’re off to have the kind of fun you can’t find in a yard — chasing tomcats, sampling tasty garbage and soaking fire hydrants. Ages 3-7

Puppies on Board by Sarah N. Harvey Puppies on Board
By: Sarah N. Harvey

When Molly’s dog Sheba has eleven puppies, Molly has to think of a way to find a home for each one. Ages 5-8

Drumheller Dinosaur Dance by Robert Heidbreder Drumheller Dinosaur Dance
By: Robert Heidbreder

By daylight, the Drumheller dinosaurs rest their ancient bones. But when the moon rises, so do these slumbering skeletons — ready to tango, fandango, shimmy and shake! This exuberant read-aloud imagines what the dinosaur skeletons of world-famous Drumheller, Alberta, get up to when everyone’s asleep. Ages 3-7

Stanley's Party by Linda Bailey
Stanley’s Party
By: Linda Bailey

Stanley’s people go out a lot. Stanley is a good dog, but one night, while they’re away, the temptation becomes too great and he sneaks up onto the couch. What a wonderful experience! Soon he’s also blasting the music, dancing around the living room and raiding the fridge. Stanley’s never had so much fun! But after a couple of weeks something is missing, and Stanley realizes that partying alone has lost its thrill. Ages 3-7

Cappuccina Goes to Town by Mary Ann Smith Cappuccina Goes to Town
By: Mary Ann Smith

Deciding that she would have more fun as a person than as a cow, Cappuccina heads off to visit the local village, but even though she tries on scores of shoes, hats, and dresses, she cannot find anything to suit her. Ages 5-8

Ballerinas Don't Wear Glasses by Ainslie Manson Ballerinas Don’t Wear Glasses
By: Ainslie Manson

Ben’s little sister Allison is a nuisance. He’d rather have a puppy. And today, while Mom is at work, Allison will be more of a nuisance than usual. Ben has to deliver her – along with her swan costume – to her ballet recital on time. Ages 4-8


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