STEM Reading List: Airplanes


Airplanes have come a long way since their inception. Now a major global transportation provider and military machine, airplanes play a significant part in our society. Learn about the pioneers of air travel, military airplanes, how airplanes work, and the history of this great invention.






Groom groups 12 The First Airplanes
By: Megan Cooley Peterson

In 1903 the Wright brothers Flyer flew for just 12 seconds. What were other early airplanes like, and who made them? Read about the first all-metal plane, the first jet plane, the first jumbo jet, and more.
9780761389675 How Do Jets Work?
By: Buffy Silverman

The Lightning Bolt Books: How Flight Works series introduces young readers to these buses of the sky. This edition about jets discusses how they fly and their parts, and how pilots land them.
0778733955 How to Build Aircraft
By: Rita Storey

Take to the skies with How to Build Aircraft. Featuring simple step-by-step instructions, handy templates, vibrant photographs, and easily accessible materials, this title shows readers how to build their very own aircraft that can really fly! Projects include a hot-air balloon, roto-copter, a variety of gliders, and many more.
0736854819 The Hindenburg Disaster
By: Keith Williams, Charles Barnett III, and Steve Erwin

Describes the events of the Hindenburg airship disaster in the graphic-novel format.
1624036562 Unbelievable Military Aircraft
By: Melissa Abramovitz

Packed with exciting facts and essential aspects of military aircraft, this title also provides historical context, compelling photos, primary source quotations, and critical thinking activities. Includes a glossary, weblinks, and additional resources.
9780810970953 Amelia Earhart: the legend of the lost aviator
By: Shelley Tanaka
Illustrated by: David Craig

Ever since Amelia Earhart and her plane disappeared on July 2, 1937, people have wanted to know more about this remarkable woman. Amelia Earhart follows the charismatic aviator from her first sight of an airplane at the age of ten to the last radio transmission she made before vanishing. Illustrated with original artworks, contemporary photographs, quotes, and details, this is an excellent introduction to the famous pilot.


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