STEM Reading List: Eyes


It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul; but how do eyes work, exactly? This collection of books helps young readers understand eyes in all their complexity. From how sight differs from one animal to another to the inner structure of a human eye, there is a great deal to learn. This book list is designed for readers of all ages, including more elementary explanations through more advanced texts.
Contributed by: Mary Lanni




1599537613 Artificial Eyes
By: Barbara Sheen

This title describes the invention and development of artificial eyes. It explores the trials and tribulations along with the technological advances seen today. Includes glossary, websites, and bibliography for further reading.
1499435916 The Eye in 3D
By: Rusty Huddle and Jennifer Viegas

The Eye in 3D presents information on the human eye, discussing its structure, function, and importance, complemented by labeled diagrams that provide an in-depth look beneath the surface.
9781626722132 Eye: How it Works
By: David Macaulay

Young readers are introduced to the nature and structure of the eye and the process through which the eye and the brain work together to create vision.
1999802853 Eye Spy: wild ways animals see the world
By: Guillaume Duprat

Duprat’s Eye Spy uses liftable flaps to show how all different kinds of animals see the same scene, from sharp-eyed eagles to purely light-sensing earthworms.
9781683424086 Eyes
By: Pete Jenkins
Illustrated by: Hazel Quintanilla

A boy sees his own eyes and his friends’ eyes and wonders about the ways they are different and what they do.
9781680801583 Eyes
By: Julie Murray

Little readers will learn about their eyes while strengthening their reading skills. Simple, short sentences appear alongside colorful photographs.


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