STEM Reading List: Programming Languages


Do you like creating games? Do you think designing websites would be fun? Learn how to do both by learning about programming languages. This list includes books for beginners about several popular programming languages.







119792630_3593726410651532_7478201541632144829_o Learn to Program (Kids Get Coding series)
By: Heather Lyons and Elizabeth Tweedale
Illustrated by: Alex Westgate

Learn programming basics in this kid-friendly, easy-to-follow book. It covers computer languages, writing programs, bugs, and loops using real-world examples and fun illustrations. Online and offline activities also boost learning and skills.
9781593278571 Mission Python: code a space adventure game
By: Sean McManus

A space-themed guide to building a complete computer game in Python. You’ll learn programming fundamentals like loops, strings, and lists as you build Escape!, an exciting game with a map to explore, items to collect, and tricky logic puzzles to solve. As you work through the book, you’ll build exercises and mini-projects, like making a spacewalk simulator and creating an astronaut’s safety checklist that will put your new Python skills to the test.
1582705798 So, you want to be a coder?: the ultimate guide to a career in programming, video game creation, robotics, and more!
By: Jane (J. M.) Bedell

Behind the screen of your phone, tablet, computer, or game console lies a secret language that makes it all work. Computer code has become as integral to our daily lives as reading and writing, even if you didn’t know it. Now it’s time to plug in and start creating the same technology you’re consuming. Plus, it’s one of the fastest-growing industries in the world! Covering everything from navigating the maze of computer languages to writing code for games to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, So, You Want to Be a Coder? debugs the secrets behind a career in the diverse and state-of-the-art industry of working with computer code. In addition to tips and interviews from professionals in the industry, So, You Want to Be a Coder? includes inspiring stories from kids who are writing code now! Plus, activities, a glossary, and resources put you on the path to a fun and rewarding career with computer code.
9781541555907 Mission JavaScript
By: Sheela Preuitt

Introduce readers to JavaScript, a programming language that makes websites interactive. It lets us use search boxes, watch online videos, and more! A digital Page Plus feature allows readers to experiment on their own with fun coding activities.
0778715582 Awesome Algorithms and Creative Coding
By: Clive Gifford

Awesome Algorithms and Creative Coding explores how computers work and explains how to think logically. The bright and engaging design guides readers through clear explanations of binary code, simple algorithms, and computer language. With real-life examples, students learn about the development of coding using simple decision-making processes. Programming languages that readers can use themselves, including Scratch and LOGO, are reviewed. “Stretch Yourself” features give practical activities to help readers explore and test key principles to help reinforce learning and are not linked to specific software or operating systems. “True Story” features give real-world anecdotes from the world of information technology. “Computer Hero” features look at the groundbreaking scientists that paved the way for digital technology today.
9781508183693 Getting to Know HTML Code
By: Jeff Pratt

Discover the history of HTML and learn how to get started with text, page design, hyperlinks, and adding images.


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