Book Review: Matter


By: Ann O. Squire
Reviewed by: Natalie Gurr

From the tiniest neutrinos to broad, sparkling galaxies, matter is everywhere. It is found on the playground at school, the air in a balloon, and rain as it falls from the clouds. Discover what atomic power means and why hydrogen is listed first on the periodic table. Learn what happens when atoms collide and combine. What are neutrons and protons made of, and just how big is an electron? The most microscopic details about matter are examined in a way that students and adults will understand. Diagrams help explain difficult concepts such as when atoms share electrons to create compounds. Brilliant photographs featuring children of diverse ethnicities and cultures are scattered throughout and shine against the white background. The photos and diagrams combined with the large margins and font make for an easy and enjoyable reading experience. Each book in the True Book Physical Science series is similarly organized with an appealing table of context, glossary, and index. While written for grades third through fifth, the content and difficulty of matter make this book appropriate for more advanced readers. With the help of adults, younger children will also be able to easily access the information. Highly recommended for schools and children who love science.

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