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Thematic Reading List: Farm Animals

While April 10 is National Farm Animals Day, any day is a good day to celebrate farm animals. Our list was created with 4-7 year olds in mind and provides a variety of animals on American farms.               All Kinds of Farms By: Daniel Shepard Simple text and photographs […]

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Thematic Reading List: 11 Unusual Pets

Some families have dogs. Some have cats. Some have fish. Then there are the more daring families who have pet lizards and snakes. But what are the most unusual pets? Leave it to children’s nonfiction authors to expose us to the most bizarre pets one can have. We’ve added one special fiction book just to […]

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Thematic Reading List: Every Kid Healthy Week

“Every Kid Healthy™ Week is an annual observance created to celebrate school health and wellness achievements and recognized on the calendar of National Health Observances. Observed the last week of April each year, this special week shines a spotlight on the great efforts schools are making to improve the health and wellness of their students […]

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Thematic Reading List: Kindergarten

Kindergarten- the first formal education of many children. The concept of Kindergarten was created by Wilhelm August Frobel whom started the very first Kindergarten in Germany in 1837. Frobel believed that children learn through play and experience. Kindergarten was a balance of the two that would allow children to transition from home to school more […]

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Thematic Reading List: 20 Under the Sea Picture Books

Whether it starts with a pet fish or a trip to the beach, some kids love reading about sea creatures. Our list of 20 picture books featuring sea animals is sure to create even more interest about the many sea dwellers on our planet.                   Barry, the […]

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Thematic Reading List: 21 Bunnies Hop into Picture Books

Beatrix Potter seemed to immortalize rabbits when she introduced the world to Peter Rabbit. In all, she would write 23 tales about rabbits and outdoor creatures. Whether rabbits show up as main characters or stuffed animals, rabbits have been quite popular in picture books. Here is our list of bunnies who bounce along the pages […]

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Thematic Reading List: Australian Legends of Children’s Literature

This year the Australian postal service has chosen to honor some of their most memorable children’s authors by spotlighting them in its Australian Legends stamp series. The Australian Legends stamp series honors Australians who have made a significant contribution in their chosen field or a chosen theme. Examples of past themes are legends in sports, […]

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Thematic Reading List:Feb 22 National Wildlife Day (& Sept. 4)

In honor of National Wildlife Day, we have chosen 10 hilarious picture books featuring wildlife animals as major characters in each story. To learn more about National Wildlife Day, which is celebrated on both February 22 and September 4, visit.                   Horrible Bear! By: Ame Dyckman Illustrated […]

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Thematic Reading List: Great Backyard Bird Count

The Great Backyard Bird Count is an annual February event in which citizens collect data about wild birds. To participate, simply tally the number and kinds of birds you see within a 15-minute period. This is a great way to get children involved in learning about birds and, to encourage further study of birds, we […]

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Thematic Reading List: 9 Biography Compilation books for Black History Month

Each compilation has its own theme, providing a straightforward way to introduce children to many great Black Americans. All titles listed were either an award nominee or honor/winner book.              28 Days: moments in Black history that changed the world  By: Charles R. Smith Illustrated by: Shane Evans A look […]

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Thematic Reading List: Resistance

Throughout history, underground movements have aided, freed, and saved the lives of numerous groups of people. As the Nazis overcame cities and countries throughout Europe, many citizens fought back by forming underground movements, named Resistance groups. Each of the titles in our list looks at the brave young people who joined the Resistance groups, whether […]

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Thematic Reading List: Kids Can Too! Books for the Littlest Activists

Any person can be an activist, even young children. Creating a classroom library or home bookshelf with books about various activists or causes can peak a child’s interest in how he or she can impact the world. Below are 10 books to help build your activism collection. Contributed by: Elizabeth Bridges         […]

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Thematic Reading List: Celebrating Christmas Traditions

Traditions, some passed down through many generations, are cherished around the Christmas season. Enjoy this collection of 12 titles that provide a glimpse into Christmas traditions with some providing a unique twist.                   Advent Elf By: Paivi Stalder Illustrated by: Barbara Korthues On the first night of […]

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Thematic Reading List: Merry YA Christmas

What made our YA list for cocoa-worthy reading? Stories featuring a seasonal job, pregnant teen, missing classmate, family mystery, and a few love interests. Here is our list of appealing YA books to cozy by the fire with.               Billy Christmas By: Mark Pritchard Billy’s father disappeared last Christmas […]

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Thematic Reading List: 10 Christmas-themed Books for Middle Grade Readers

Genies, hospitals, and kidnapped babies are not exactly what one expects to read about in Christmas-themed books, yet creative middle grade authors have spun their magic and make it work in these 10 selections.             Christmas Genie By: Dan Gutman When a meteorite crashes into a fifth-grade classroom, the genie […]

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Thematic Reading List: 15 Funny Christmas Books for Reading Aloud

These picture books are ideal for sharing laughs and enjoying time together around the Christmas tree.               The 12 Days of Christmas By: Greg Pizzoli An elephant parent has to take responsibility for caring for all the gifts that arrive in this newly illustrated version of the traditional song. […]

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Thematic Reading List: Our Friends with 9 Lives

Cat lovers prepare yourself for 9 fun picture books featuring your favorite pet.                         Cat Secrets By: Jef Czekaj Important secrets about how best to live a cat’s life will be revealed only to those who can prove that they are genuine cats. Fuddles […]

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Thematic Reading List: 8 Nights of Hanukkah Reading

What goes well with Hanukkah gifts? Hanukkah stories! We are sharing 16 Hanukkah stories, 2 for each night. A perfect pairing for gift time or bedtime.                     The Borrowed Hanukkah Latkes By: Linda Glaser Illustrated by: Nancy Cote A young girl finds a way to include […]

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Thematic Reading List: 12 Picture Books featuring Native American Themes

Our list of picture books reflecting Native American themes feature family, animals, school, space exploration, and Thanksgiving.                     Black Bear Red Fox By: Julie Flett A book demonstrating colors in English as well as in Cree, along with the pronunciation. The Christmas Coat: Memories of My […]

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Thematic Reading List: 20 Books Featuring Native American Characters

Our list of middle grade and YA books feature Native Americans in various situations and time periods. Many of the books are geared towards age 10 and up.                     The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian By: Sherman Alexie Budding cartoonist Junior leaves his troubled […]

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