Thematic Reading List: 10 Christmas-themed Books for Middle Grade Readers


Genies, hospitals, and kidnapped babies are not exactly what one expects to read about in Christmas-themed books, yet creative middle grade authors have spun their magic and make it work in these 10 selections.







9781416990017 Christmas Genie
By: Dan Gutman

When a meteorite crashes into a fifth-grade classroom, the genie inside agrees to grant the class a Christmas wish–if they can agree on one within an hour.
9780545839518 Clementine for Christmas
By: Daphne Benedis-Grab

Josie is timid at school, comfortable at home, and confident when she and her dog Clementine are volunteering at the pediatric ward of the local hospital; Oscar is acting out and in trouble at school, miserable at home, and forced to volunteer as a punishment; Gabby is popular at school, but her perfect life is threatened because she is hiding a dangerous medical condition–but at the hospital the three children are brought together by Clementine at Christmas.
9780889955288 Do Not Open Until Christmas
By: Jean Little

A collection of Christmas-themed short stories. Includes: The Portable Christmas, Patrick’s Tree, The Different Doll, and The Boy Who Didn’t Believe in Christmas.
0060853824 Miss Holly is Too Jolly
By: Dan Gutman

Disaster reigns when A.J. participates in the school’s holiday pageant celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.
9780375856303 Jake
By: Audrey Couloumbis

When ten-year-old Jake’s widowed mother breaks her leg just before Christmas while her sister and best friend are both away, a grandfather Jake barely remembers must come to Baltimore, Maryland, to help a neighbor take care of him.
9780545861427 Jingle
By: Gordan Korman

Santa’s Workshop Holiday Spectacular at the Colchester mansion is a long-standing tradition in Cedarville, however Griffin, Ben, and Antonia are not happy to find that they have been volunteered as elves by their friend Logan and cannot get out of it. But, this year the pageant seems plagued by frequent electrical outages, and during one of them the valuable antique known as the Star of Prague disappears from the giant Christmas tree, and as they are the chief suspects, the friends set out to find who took it.
0439749425 Kringle
By: Tony Abbott

In the fifth century A.D., orphaned, twelve-year-old Kringle determines to rescue his beloved guardian from the evil goblins who terrorize the countryside by kidnapping and enslaving humans and, in the process, with the help of elves and others along the way, discovers his true destiny.
037580255X Sammy Keyes and the Runaway Elf
By: Wendelin Van Draanen

Sammy Keyes is stuck cruising the streets of Santa Martina on a Christmas float filled with dogs and antlers. But, when three pranksters sabotage the parade and send the dogs scurrying, it’s up to Sammy to find the prize.
190529414X When Santa Fell to Earth
By: Cornelia Funke

When he and his caravan come crashing down to earth during a thunderstorm two weeks before Christmas, Santa is befriended by two children, Charlotte and Ben, who try to help him save the holiday from the tricks and moneymaking schemes of Gerold Geronimus Goblynch and to take off in time for his annual rounds.
0763665657 Winterfrost
By: Michelle Houts

Left in charge of her home and infant sibling when her parents are called away at Christmastime, Bettina disregards a family custom about leaving out rice pudding for the nisse, who make their magic known when Bettina’s baby sister disappears.


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