Thematic Reading List: 8 Nights of Hanukkah Reading


What goes well with Hanukkah gifts? Hanukkah stories! We are sharing 16 Hanukkah stories, 2 for each night. A perfect pairing for gift time or bedtime.

9780807508428 The Borrowed Hanukkah Latkes
By: Linda Glaser
Illustrated by: Nancy Cote
A young girl finds a way to include her elderly neighbor in her family’s Hanukkah celebration.
9780152056759 Chanukah Lights Everywhere
By: Michael J. Rosen
Illustrated by: Melissa Iwai

A young boy counts the candles on the family menorah and the lights he sees in the world around him on each night of Hanukkah, in a story which includes information on the history and significance of the celebration.

9780375860935 Daddy Christmas and Hanukkah Mama
By: Selina Alko

A child relates how the family celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah, enjoying the rich traditions of both religions.

081095785X The Eight Nights of Chanukah
By: Leslea Newman
Illustrated by: Elivia Savadier

The wondrous days of Chanukah come to life through the eyes of a young child, whose family gathering grows bigger and bigger as the holiday progresses.

9780822587613 Hanukkah Around the World
By: Tami Lehman-Wilzig
Illustrated by: Vicki Wehrman

Celebrate Hanukkah with an Australian blizzard drink, Polish latkes, Tunisian debla cookies, and explore how Hanukkah is celebrated around the world. Includes brightly colored maps and boxed information on the presence of Jews in each spotlighted country.

9780761454281 The Hanukkah Mice
By: Steven Kroll
Illustrated by: Michelle Shapiro

A family of mice enjoys the doll house and furnishings that Rachel receives as gifts on the eight nights of Hanukkah.

080753384X Is it Hanukkah Yet?
By: Chris Barash
Illustrated by: Alessandra Psacharopulo

From snow on the ground to making applesauce and latkes to lighting the menorah, this story shows the seasonal and traditional ways we know Hanukkah is on its way.

141695001X It’s a Miracle: a Hanukkah storybook
By: Stephanie Spinner
Illustrated by: Jill McElmurry

Every night of Hanukkah Grandma tells a story at bedtime, in a book that includes the Hanukkah legend.

9780761390381 Latke, the Lucky Dog
By: Ellen Fischer
Illustrated by: Tiphanie Beeke

A family rescues a dog from a shelter during Hanukkah, and the pup proceeds to create holiday hijinks as he gets used to his new home.

9780439930482 Latkes and Applesauce
By: Fran Manushkin
Illustrated by: Robin Spowart

When a blizzard leaves a family housebound one Hanukkah, they share what little food they have with some starving animals who later return the favor.

1467734764 Nonna’s Hanukkah Surprise
By: Karen Fishman
Illustrated by: Martha Aviles

Rachel is excited to go spend the holidays with her Italian cousins and beloved Nonna, but is also upset about missing Hanukkah. Her parents assure her that they can still celebrate the holiday and pack up dreidels, chocolate gelt, and candles. They even surprise Rachel with a cool new menorah featuring girl Maccabee warriors.

1467793213 Potatoes at Turtle Rock
By: Susan Schnur and Anna Schnur-Fishman
Illustrated by: Alex Steele-Morgan

Annie leads her family on a nighttime journey around their farm to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah. At each stop along the way Annie uses riddles (and potatoes) to mark old traditions and start new ones.

031237142X Runaway Dreidel!
By: Leslea Newman
Illustrated by: Kyrsten Brooker

In this rhyming tale in the style of “The Night before Christmas,” a family’s preparations for Chanukah are disrupted by a wildly spinning dreidel.

0761364935 Sadie’s Almost Marvelous Menorah
By: Jamie Korngold
Illustrated by: Julie Fortenberry

A little girl breaks her handmade Hanukkah menorah but learns that, even broken, it can still have a role to play in the holiday celebration.

Cover_in_template.indd The Story of Chanukah
By: Francis Barry Silberg
Illustrated by: Pamela R. Levy

A simple history of the celebration of Chanukah, including the corruption of the Temple, the bravery of Judah the Maccabee, and the miraculous eight-day flame that reminded the Jews of God’s light and their freedom to worship.

038590004X ZigaZak! A Magical Hanukkah Night
By: Eric A. Kimmel
Illustrated by: Jon Goodell

Two evil spirits wreak havoc on the town of Brisk’s Hanukkah celebration, until the town’s wise rabbi puts a stop to their mischief.


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