Featured Article: Australian Authors Contribution to Children’s Literature


The rugged Outback, the Great Barrier Reef, kangaroos and koala bears. Do you see the pattern? Yes, these are all images we think of when we think of Australia. But do images of great children’s literature come to mind when you think of Australia? I hope so. Australia has an abundance of authors and illustrators who are an integral part of great literature found on children’s bookshelves everywhere. And, this year five Australian authors are being honored with the 2019 Australian Post Legends Award. Check out our Australian Legends in Children’s Literature reading list http://www.readandshine.com/2019/02/19/thematic-reading-list-australian-legends-of-childrens-literature/ for the award recipients and some of their works.

Notable Australian authors have not only been an important part of children’s literature but also storytime for a very long time. Rhyming stories, humorous stories, beautifully illustrated stories from not only Australian authors, but also Australian illustrators, have provided hours of enjoyment for listeners as well as readers. Some Australian favorites are:

  • Graeme Base
  • Sophie Blackall
  • Stephanie Campisi
  • Jackie Fench
  • Mem Fox
  • Morris Gleitzman
  • Leigh Hobbs
  • Paul Jennings
  • Sheena Knowles
  • Alison Lester
  • Ted Prior
  • Shaun Tan
  • Colin Thiele
  • Ethel Turner
  • Marcia K. Vaughan
  • Jenny Wagner
  • Nadia Wheatley
  • Margaret Wild
  • Marcus Zusak

Australia also hosts an extensive list of children’s literature awards, such as Canberra’s Own Outstanding List Award, Ethel Turner Prize, and Kids Reading Oz Choice Award. CLCD subscribers can view full lists of award winners and an extensive collection of Australian children’s book awards.

We love Australian authors and illustrators and honor all of them in this issue of Read & Shine.


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