Reading List: Not the Thanksgiving that was planned


Whether it’s unexpected snow, an urgent call, burnt turkey, or you find out you are the main course for dinner (YIKES!), sometimes Thanksgiving isn’t what you expected it to be. In moments like these, books can provide a way for us to realize there is no such thing as a perfect Thanksgiving, and regular Thanksgiving traditions can change when life necessitates it. Whatever your Thanksgiving holds for you this year, remember, it could be worse. You could be the turkey, thinking you are the guest of honor and not understand the impact of that role. Happy Thanksgiving!




9781250198426 Bad Kitty Does Not Like Thanksgiving
By: Nick Bruel

Kitty does not like Thanksgiving. Kitty LOVES Thanksgiving. Specifically, Kitty loves turkey and will do anything to get her paws on it. SO, Kitty comes up with a plan but in perfect cantankerous cat fashion, can’t quite pull it off and ends up with the turkey (and all the fixins’) on her head.
0823419908 Beauty and the Beaks: a turkey’s cautionary tale
By: Mary Jane and Herm Auch

When Lance, a very pretentious turkey, arrives on the farm and boasts that he is the only bird invited to a special feast, no hen is impressed, but when Beauty learns that Lance is the main course, she convinces the others to save him.
0525276556 Chester Chipmunk’s Thanksgiving
By: Barbara Williams

A classic Thanksgiving tale. Chester Chipmunk can’t seem to find anybody to share his Thanksgiving dinner. After five friends refuse his invitation to share a pecan pie on Thanksgiving, Chester Chipmunk discovers Oswald Opossum, literally hanging out in the cold.
0399236007 The Firefighters’ Thanksgiving
By: Maribeth Boelts

Calls to fires, an injured friend, and cooking disasters threaten to keep a group of firefighters from enjoying Thanksgiving dinner.
9780763663063 The Great Thanksgiving Escape
By: Mark Fearing

It’s another Thanksgiving at Grandma’s. Gavin expects a long day of boredom and being pestered by distantly related toddlers, but his cousin Rhonda has a different idea: make a break for it – out of the kids’ room to the swing set in the backyard! Gavin isn’t so sure, especially when they encounter vicious guard dogs (in homemade sweaters), a hallway full of overly affectionate aunts, and worse yet, the great wall of butts! Will they manage to avoid the obstacles and find some fun before turkey time? Or will they be captured before they’ve had a taste of freedom?
9780439859301 The Great Turkey Race
By: Steve Metzger
Illustrated by: Jim Paillot

Cassie, Wing, and Ollie all want to be the Thanksgiving Turkey! They decide to have a contest to see which of them Farmer Joe should pick. Will it be a happy Thanksgiving for all?
9781629793245 Last-but-not-least Lola and a knot the size of Texas
By: Christine Pakkala
Illustrated by: Paul Hoppe

In her fourth hilarious adventure, good-hearted Lola can’t help getting into trouble. Her friends are all traveling for the Thanksgiving holidays, so she offers to dog-sit–but fails to mention this to Mom, who is desperately trying to finish a batch of Lola dresses for a new client. Now Lola is juggling her dog-sitting responsibilities with her worries. Will her parents discover the growing knot in her hair and cause her excruciating pain brushing it out? Will her grandmothers discover that she’s lied to them every year about who makes the best pumpkin pie? Will Jack get so involved in his new babysitting and yard-work jobs that, like Mom and Dad, he won’t have time for her anymore? Lola’s worries, like the knot in her hair, grow greater until she finally has to stop hiding them and start untangling them.
0761451889 A Plump and Perky Turkey
By: Teresa Bateman
Illustrated by: Jeff Shelly

The townspeople of Squawk Valley try to trick a turkey into being their Thanksgiving dinner but are frustrated in their efforts when the turkey tricks them instead.
0375831266 Thelonius Turkey Lives! (on Felicia Ferguson’s farm)
By: Lynn Rowe Reed

With Thanksgiving Day approaching and no other turkeys left on the farm, Thelonius Turkey worries that he will become the centerpiece for the family’s dinner celebration.
9780689878961 Turkey Bowl
By: Phil Bildner

Ethan looks forward to the Thanksgiving Day when he and his friends are finally old enough to play in the annual family football game, but that day arrives full of snow and icy roads.
0807581267 Turkey Monster Thanksgiving
By: Anne Warren Smith

When her perfectionist classmate and neighbor plans an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner, Katie begins to wonder if the relaxed day she, her father, and her messy little brother usually enjoy means they are not a “real” family.
9780761455295 Turkey Trouble
By: Wendi Silvano
Illustrated by: Lee Harper

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, Turkey nervously makes a series of costumes, disguising himself as other farm animals in hopes that he can avoid being served as Thanksgiving dinner.


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