Award of the Week: Mind the Gap Award


Mind the Gap is a Horn Book magazine award for deserving books that did not bring home ALA awards.


2018 Award Winners
076369035X Windows
By: Julia Denos
Illustrated by: E. B. Goodale

Walking his dog at dusk, one boy catches glimpses of the lives around him in this lovely ode to autumn evenings, exploring your neighborhood, and coming home.
9780545722889 The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet!
By: Carmen Agra Deedy
Illustrated by: Eugene Yelchin

The mayor of the noisy city of La Paz institutes new laws forbidding all singing, but a brave little rooster decides he must sing, despite the progressively severe punishments he receives for continuing to crow. The silenced populace, invigorated by the rooster’s bravery, ousts the tyrannical mayor and returns their city to its free and clamorous state.
0062408739 Egg
By: Kevin Henkes

Three little birds crack their way out of eggs and fly away, leaving one egg sitting all alone until the three chicks come back and discover a friendly baby alligator has finally hatched.
9781626725362 A Perfect Day
By: Lane Smith

A perfect day means different things to different animals in Bert’s backyard.
1432850539 Clayton Byrd Goes Underground
By: Rita Williams-Garcia

Clayton feels most alive when he’s with his grandfather, Cool Papa Byrd, and the band of Bluesmen. But then the unthinkable happens. Cool Papa Byrd dies, and Clayton’s mother forbids Clayton from playing the blues. Armed with his grandfather’s brown porkpie hat and his harmonica, Clayton runs away from home in search of the Bluesmen, hoping he can join them on the road. But on the journey that takes him through the New York City subways and to Washington Square Park, Clayton learns some things that surprise him.
1596439556 Undefeated: Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School football team
By: Steve Sheinkin

A great American sport and Native American history come together in this true story of how Jim Thorpe and Pop Warner created the legendary Carlisle Indians football team.
9781626721784 How to Be an Elephant
By: Katherine Roy

This nonfiction picture book follows an elephant’s growth from a newborn calf to a full-grown adult in one of the most socially and structurally complex family groups on earth.
9780763677541 The Wolf, the Duck, and the Mouse
By: Mac Barnett
Illustrated by: Jon Klassen

A story about a duck and mouse who get swallowed by a wolf, and then decide to live in his belly.
0316502464 The Little Red Cat Who Ran Away and Learned his ABC’s (the hard way)
By: Patrick McDonnell

In this nearly wordless alphabet book, a little red cat runs away and gets caught up in a wild chase that goes everywhere from A to Z and back home again.
9781626722934 When’s My Birthday?
By: Julie Fogliano
Illustrated by: Christian Robinson

Children excitedly discuss the details of their upcoming birthdays.
1484726472 It’s Shoe Time!
By: Bryan Collier

A little girl decides to mismatch shoes, which causes chaos for all the shoes in the closet.
9781619635548 One Last Word: wisdom from the Harlem Renaissance
By: Nikki Grimes

In this collection of poetry, Nikki Grimes looks afresh at the poets of the Harlem Renaissance — including voices like Langston Hughes, Georgia Douglas Johnson, and many more writers of importance and resonance from this era — by combining their work with her own original poetry. This book also includes original artwork in full-color from some of today’s most exciting African American illustrators, who have created pieces of art based on Nikki’s original poems.
9780374304904 You Bring the Distant Near
By: Mitali Perkins

From 1965 through the present, an Indian American family adjusts to life in New York City, alternately fending off and welcoming challenges to their own traditions.


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