Thematic Reading List: Protecting our Environment


Our environment is changing at an alarming rate. These six books provide information on the current state of our environment, those who have contributions to preserving our environment, and discuss how we can improve our planet.

Bringing Back Our Deserts
By: Clara MacCarald

Bringing Back Our Deserts explains why deserts are at risk and how people are combating invasive species, restoring damaged areas, and preserving deserts for future generations. This title also explores the science behind nitrogen pollution and life in desert soil. Features include a cause-and-effect flow chart, a glossary, references, websites, source notes, and an index.
9781682824238 The Environmental Movement
By: Stuart A. Kallen

When Rachel Carson described the dangers of DDT in the late 1950s, she launched a movement that continues to influence society. The Environmental Movement provides a fascinating eco-tour from Carson through Earth Day, the environmental decade of the 1970s, and the challenges facing a new generation of twenty-first-century environmentalists. This book examines how and why social change occurs and the lasting influence of the environmental movement.
9781580895811_p0_v2_s550x406 Mario and the Hole in the Sky: how a chemist saved our planet
By: Elizabeth Rusch
Illustrated by: Teresa Martinez

Eight-year-old Mario wanted to learn all he could about chemistry. He examined everything under a microscope—from rotten lettuce to toothpaste. As an adult, Mario continued studying chemistry—and discovered something scary. CFCs, used in millions of refrigerators and spray cans, were destroying the earth’s protective ozone layer. Without ozone, deadly solar radiation would bombard our planet. Mario had to warn the world—and quickly. This is the true story of Mario Molina, the Mexican-American chemist who brought the world back from the brink of environmental catastrophe.
9781599204529 Protecting Natural Environments
By: Cheryl Jakab

Discusses the global environmental issues we are dealing with and how to protect our natural environments, including working towards a sustainable future.
9781477779613 Protecting the Environment Through Service Learning
By: Don Rauf

Get your hands dirty to make the world a better place. This book shows how to make the most of a service-learning opportunity and how to start your own program.
9781626728196 Spring After Spring: How Rachel Carson inspired the environmental movement
By: Stephanie Roth Sisson

As a child, Rachel Carson lived by the rhythms of the natural world. Spring after spring, year after year, she observed how all living things are connected. And as an adult, Rachel watched and listened as the natural world she loved so much began to fall silent. Spring After Spring traces Rachel’s journey as scientist and writer, courageously speaking truth to an often hostile world through her book, and ultimately paving the way for the modern environmental movement.


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