One Book, Many Lessons: Charlotte’s Web


Charlotte’s Web
By: E. B. White
The story of Wilbur the pig and his friendship with Charlotte the spider, as they live together on a farm. 

Art: Use pipe cleaners to create spider webs.

Reading: By reading the inside flap of other E. B. White books, discuss with children if other books by E. B. White share themes that are present in Charlotte’s Web. 

Science: In the story, Charlotte the spider teaches Wilbur about the life and life cycle of a spider. Using books from the library, compare the spider’s life and life cycle to other insects, including worms, caterpillars, etc.

Social Studies: Charlotte’s Web is a story about friendship. While Wilbur and Charlotte would appear to have very little in common, they become friends. Discuss with children how even though people have differences, referencing people from different countries or regions, they can still be friends.

Technology: Help children learn good research skills by researching the book’s author, E. B. White.

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