STEM Reading List: Cubes


These six books present younger readers with information about cubes.









9781599288871 What in the World is a Cube?
By: Anders Hanson

This book contains simple text and photographs that describe cubes to young readers.
1616418737 Cubes
By: Laura Hamilton Waxman
Illustrated by: Kathy Mitter

In Cubes, rhyming text and creative illustrations draw attention to cubes that are found in the world around us. The 3-D Shapes illustrated nonfiction books series provide the first lessons on three-dimensional shapes.
9781609926236 Cube Countdown
By: Dan Green
Illustrated by: David Shephard

Offers a collection of puzzles and logical problems testing knowledge of shapes, geometry, and patterns presented in the form of a choose-your-own-adventure story that requires the correct answers to make it through the story.
9780778705086 Stone Age Geometry: Cubes
By: Gerry Bailey and Felicia Law
Illustrated by: Mike Phillips

Leo and his pet cat to provide the basics of cubes. They introduce cubes, discussing their angles, dimensions, and vertices, and displays examples of cubes in practical science and in nature.
9781604724141 Three Dimensional Shapes: Cubes
By: Luana K. Mitten

The concept of the cube is defined through interesting text and photos displaying how cubes can be found throughout our world.
9781429600491 Cubes
By: Nathan Olson

Which 3-D shape can cool your drink or roll your next move? A cube! Have lots of fun finding all kinds of cubes―spotted, sweet, salty, frozen, or fuzzy!


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