Featured Article : St. Patrick’s Day Theme


Holidays provide extra fun for school classrooms and public libraries. Not only are they a great excuse for fun, out-of-the box activities, but they also provide a wealth of themes and opportunities for lesson plans. It seems that whenever there is a theme attached to learning, children become more involved. It was true in my role as school librarian and I found it true when planning activities for the public library. A St. Patrick’s Day thematic unit offers abundant opportunities for exploring books.

Irish authors such as Eoin Colfer, Marita Conlon-McKenna, Padraic Colum, and C.S. Lewis wrote books perfect for upper elementary readers and Eve Bunting has numerous books for all elementary readers. Younger readers enjoy the adventures of leprechauns. Irish folk tales offer a wonderful way for comparison study when read with folk tales from other countries. Wanting a reading or writing activity? Limericks about Ireland are sure to get children reading, writing, and of course laughing. Any of these are amusing activities for the classroom or the school library.

Public libraries also thrive when Storytime, family fun nights, and afterschool programs promote themed learning. March activities can include “Green” events such as how to grow indoor and outdoor plants, limerick readings, find the “gold” scattered within the stacks, and telling leprechaun stories and Irish folk tales.

As backyards become greener and covered with clover, think about how thematic units can create new sparks of learning for children.


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