ChildrensLit Now Vol. 1

ChildrensLit Now 

Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan 2021 

 Welcome to ChildrensLit No the brand new newsletter from Children’s Literature Review Source! 

Children’s Literature Review Source has been reviewing children’s and young adult literature since 1993. Our mission is to review a wide variety of children’s and young adult titles from a wide variety of voices. We do so with several goals in mind. One, that every child and teen find themselves represented in literature. Two, that they learn about and respect others that are different from themselves. Three, that they are exposed to enjoyable fiction and nonfiction to help educate, provide understanding, and inspireThus, we currently accept books for review from small, medium, and large publishing houses. We also provide a unique opportunity for indie authors to showcase their work. 

Whether you are an aspiring author, seasoned librarian, or new parent, our new ChildrensLit Now newsletter will bring you book reviews, literary information, and interviews to present unique insight into current trends within children’s and YA literature.  

Shelley Oakley 

Director, Children’s Literature review source 


ChildrensLit Notable Reviews 



She Can You Can: the A-Z Book of Iconic Indian + Indian American Women 

By: Garima Kushwaha 

Illustrated by: Anastasia Damani 

Publisher: Mango & Marigold Press, 2021 

ISBN: 9781645437642 

Reviewer: Shelley Oakley 

She Can You Can will be a keeper on bookshelves for many years to come. Kushwaha has provided a diverse selection of accomplished Indian women to create a book worthwhile of any library collection. In ABC first name order, readers are given short biographies of great Indian women who conquered sexism and other obstacles to achieve great things. Women highlighted include athletes, doctors, businesswomen, scientists, government officials, artists, and more. But spotlighting women in unique professions makes this title stand out and provides even more inspiration for readers. Women like Deepa Malik, whose paralysis did not stop her from winning awards and medals in various sports that no one thought she could. And Uma Devi Khatri, whose poverty and size only pushed her to break stereotypes. In language geared towards middle-grade readers, Kushwaha points out each woman’s expertise, barriers, and ultimate problem-solving methods to gain success. Each woman’s feature includes a quote by either herself or someone who has worked with her, awards received, birthplace and birth/death dates, and an illustration of the woman. The unique activities at the end of the book reinforce finding a positive female role-model and how one is never too young to start dreaming big. Older female readers, who will also be inspired by this title, will identify with the struggles many of the women faced, such as proving themselves in a male-dominated society. Younger readers, especially girls and more specifically Indian girls, will gain self-confidence in their own aspirations. Recommended for libraries that want to truly create a diverse collection and honor all societies.  

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