STEM Reading List: Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most controversial topics facing society today. While fossil fuels are affecting the environment, the cause and solution are not always agreed upon. This selection of books explains climate change by going into detail about global warming, fossil fuels, and greenhouse gasses. Additionally, the politics and controversy surrounding this world event are discussed. Readers of all ages will learn something from these books, helping readers to make their own decisions about climate change and how to remedy it.
Contributed by: Mary Lanni




9780753471753 Climate Change
By: Barbara Sheen

An introduction to climate change covers such topics as the polar ice caps, the greenhouse effect, global warming, and fossil fuels.
1624035582 Climate Change: our warming Earth
By: Carol Hand

This hard-hitting look at climate change tackles the past, present, and future of global warming, examining the effects it’s having across the world, the politics behind denial, and the ways in which we can all work to lessen the harsh effects of our warming world. Perfect for young environmentalists looking to learn about the ways in which we can take action against global warming.
0778749703 Climate Change
By: Heather C. Hudak

Climate Change is a hot-button topic today and one that requires skill to examine and grasp different viewpoints. This book introduces readers to multiple perspectives on the topic and encourages them to objectively view local, national, and global connections to help them form knowledgeable points of view.
9780531250587 Climate Change
By: Lisa Owings

Amazing photography accompanies engaging information about climate change in this title. The combination of high-interest subject matter and light text is intended for students in grades 3 through 7.
9780888997845 Climate Change
By: Shelley Tanaka

Climate Change examines the causes and implications of global warming and discusses such topics as the role of everyday choices and the policy-making practices of governments and industries.
0766072843 Climate Change: A Threat to All Life On Earth
By: Ann C. Cunningham and Kenneth Green

Describes climate change, its effects, and the controversy around it.


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