Thematic Reading List : Shapes and Construction


Shapes make up the foundation of nearly every object and building, each one requiring skill and precision in its construction. Very young children can begin to appreciate these edifices in their more basic forms, specifically in shapes and visual design. As an introduction to the engineering component of STEM curriculum, the books in this list will help to inspire young children to learn more as they get older. These selections are for children ages 0-6 to experience either on their own or with caregivers.
Contributed by: Mary Lanni




9781426330278 Animal Homes
By: Shira Evans

Describes how different animals build their homes, from honeybees in a hive and birds in nests to bears in dens and spiders in webs.
9780525648802 Architecture for Babies
By: Jonathan Litton
Illustrated by: Thomas Elliott

Brainy babies will love learning all about different types of buildings and how they are made!
9780763673956 Bizzy Bear’s Big Building Book
By: Benji Davies

Bizzy Bear measures, saws, drills, and paints as he and his animal friends work together on a do-it-yourself project. With a sliding tape measure, noisy saw, spinning drill, and lots of flaps to open and close, this robust book will thrill little builders.
1481442201 Out of Shapes
By: Ashley G.

Colorful illustrations and simple text introduce young readers to shapes.
9781862301511 Pocoyo and the Toppling Tower
By: Red Fox

Pocoyo and his friends attempt to work together to build a tower.
9780061237003 Shape Capers
By: Cathryn Falwell

A group of children shakes shapes out of a box and discovers the fun of using circles, squares, triangles, semicircles, rectangles, and their imaginations.
9780375844942 Shapes
By: Chuck Murphy

Pull-out pictures reveal people and objects illustrating different shapes. On board pages.
9780545150705 Shapes
By: Salina Yoon

Identifies basic shapes, including a square, circle, triangle, and diamond, and displays everyday objects representing each shape. On board pages.
0531205738 Shapes at Home
By: Childrens Press

Shows simple shapes and explains where they can be found around the house.
0763690384 Shapes at Play
By: Silvia Borando

Meet the red triangles, the yellow squares, and the blue circles, who have a great idea for a game: together, they want to see if they can make a brand new shape!


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