Book Review: What Animals Need


What Animals Need
By: Mary Lindeen
Reviewed by: Abby Maiwald

What do animals need? In this colorful intermediate reader, Lindeen describes the needs of various animals. Each page features one or two sentences of information written in a child-friendly manner and a brilliant close-up photo. At the back of the book, caregivers can find close reading questions, suggestions for finding science in the world around them, a list of recommendations for sites and books for future learning, and tips for caregivers to practice reading fluency with their children. Includes a list of high frequency words and content words listed in the book. Beginning readers ages six to ten and their caregivers will enjoy learning more about animals through this informational text. Readers may be interested in other titles from the “Read and Discover Science” series as well: What Plants Need, Ideas from Nature, and Animals Help Plants. Recommended for early elementary science classrooms.

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