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I am on a good weather high.  Yesterday was sunny and 60’s and todays forecast is close to 80.  As we were out walking yesterday I saw a lot of people clearing out their gardens to plant new seeds and noticed flowers coming up.  Though we are still a long way from our last frost and from safely planting this year’s garden I thought I’d offer up some picture books that would be good for a springtime garden storytime.  Enjoy.





Lenny in the Garden by Ken Wilson-Max Lenny in the Garden
By: Ken Wilson-Max

Lenny and his mother spend time together in the garden, experiencing the many wonders of the plants and insects to be discovered therein.  Ages 2-5

Maisy Grows a Garden by Lucy Cousins Maisy Grows a Garden
By: Lucy Cousins

What makes Maisy’s garden grow? Pull the tabs and help Maisy plant and grow a tasty vegetable garden.  Ages 2-5

Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert Planting a Rainbow
By: Lois Ehlert

Follows the progress of a mother and daughter as they plant bulbs, seeds, and seedlings, and then watch them grow into a rainbow of colorful flowers.  Ages 2-5

Up, Down & Around by Katherine Ayres Up, Down & Around
By: Katherine Ayres

A garden produces a variety of edible plants, such as corn that grows up, onions that grow down, and tomato vines that twine all around.  Ages 2-5

Big Yellow Sunflower by Frances Barry Big Yellow Sunflower
By: Frances Barry

A seed is falling to the ground. What will it be? Turn the shaped pages as a mole, a worm, a snail, a bird, a bee, and other creatures watch the seed take root and sprout up through the soil, as each page fans out, revealing a bright splash of yellow, a gigantic sunflower unfolds in a brilliant display.  Ages 2-5

Fran's Flower by Lisa Bruce Fran’s Flower
By: Lisa Bruce

Upon finding a flower pot containing a tiny green shoot, a little girl tries to encourage the plant to grow by feeding it pizza and chocolate chip cookies, but when it still won’t grow and bloom, she throws it out the door.  Ages 3-7

Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! by Candace Fleming Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!
By: Candace Fleming

After planting the garden he has dreamed of for years, Mr. McGreely tries to find a way to keep some persistent bunnies from eating all his vegetables.  Ages 3-8

My Garden by Kevin Henkes My Garden
By: Kevin Henkes

After helping her mother weed, water, and chase the rabbits from their garden, a young girl imagines her dream garden complete with jellybean bushes, chocolate rabbits, and tomatoes the size of beach balls.  Ages 3-6

What Does Bunny See? by Linda Sue Park What Does Bunny See?
By: Linda Sue Park

A rabbit wanders through the various flowers and colors of a cottage garden.  Ages 2-6

Zinnia's Flower Garden by Monica Wellington Zinnia’s Flower Garden
By: Monica Wellington

Zinnia plants a garden, eagerly waits for the plants to grow, sells the beautiful flowers, then gathers seeds to plant the following year.
Ages 3-8


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