CLCD 4.0 is [Almost] Here!

CLCD version 4.0 is set to go live in a matter of days!  Here are some of the exciting changes in the new upgrade:  

Visible Changes:

1. Unified/Merged Book Detail Records

Provides a more comprehensive view of each title and combines multiple publications of the same title into one view




Shows progression of variant publications through time, along with cover art, reviews, reading level and publication information

2. Improved Search Results Ranking

  • Weighted more appropriately on all the fields so that accurate results bubble to the top
  • Ability to sort in ascending and descending order (author, title, Lexile and publication date)

3. Icons for awards and reviews in the left Search Results panel

4. Coming Soon

  • Grade Range limiters
  • Addition of Awards & Prizes Database (Acquired from Children’s Book Council)
  • Google Book Previews
  • NetGalley Links for available titles

Under the Hood Changes:

  1. New Database & Engine

    • Lightening fast search results!
    • Designed to more easily add new content sources
    • Ability to fine-tune search results ranking as the CLCD database and content grows and changes
    • Facilitates easy addition of new professional Review Sources
    • Facilitates daily and/or weekly content updates
    • Facilitates easy connectivity with Discovery Systems
  2. New Server Platform

    • Infinitely scalable (for inclusion in State and Regional Databases)
  3. New flexible layout options for ILS and Book Vendor partners.

Features and functionality that you’ll find in CLCD 4.0 are a direct result of feedback from our Advisory Board as well as from you, our member-subscribers. Be on the lookout for new and exciting content and features as we move forward. And as always, we look forward to serving you.

As always, we welcome your comments on the new upgrade, via the feedback link on our website (or via Email, Facebook, or Twitter)!

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