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October is a time of cooler weather, a start to fall, and the iconic celebration of Oktoberfest. German culture has found its way into the American way of life, as so many cultures from around the world have done. While not everyone wears Lederhosen or drinks beer from a stein while eating a sausage or pretzel, Oktoberfest nonetheless is happily celebrated around the United States. This book list includes titles that are written for readers ages 8-12. Within these books, readers will learn more about German-Americans, what inspired them to travel to America and more about the country and culture from which they came.
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0789156288 Carving a niche in Texas: coming to America from Germany—1844
By: M. J. Cosson

Twelve-year-old Jacob and his family face many hardships when they leave their home in Germany to start a new life in Texas.
0778780651 Cultural Traditions in Germany
By: Lynn Peppas

From the Oktoberfest folk festival to Christmas markets, Germany has many unique traditions celebrated with traditional foods, rituals, and music.
0737735546 Foods of Germany
By: Barbara Sheen

A book in the Taste of Culture book series, this volume explores the foods, cooking traditions, customs, eating habits, and food sources of Germany. Topics include favorite dishes, snacks and sweets, traditional holiday meals, and the preparations and traditions associated with these foods.
1567661513 German Americans
By: C. Ann Fitterer

Brief introduction to German Americans, their reasons for immigrating to the United States, customs and traditions, and their impact on American society.
51WcwYeXB6L._SX359_BO1,204,203,200_ German Immigrants: In their shoes
By: Alex Monnig

Discusses the history of German immigration to the United States, including the reasons for immigration, the struggles faced, and how the culture influenced Americans.
0778702057 The Germans
By: Greg Nickles

Religious conflicts brought the earliest German immigrants to North America. Presenting eyewitness accounts, this book tells the history of Germantown, North America’s first German community, and the Pennsylvania Dutch, which fled Hitler’s Germany and brought German traditions to North America.
900 Germany
By: Wiley Blevins

As one of the biggest countries in Europe, Germany has long been an important world leader. Join Johann as he leads readers on a tour of his homeland and shows them what it is like to live in Germany, from what kinds of houses people live in to what they eat and what they study in school. Johann will also share his knowledge of German history, traditions, and more.
9780761364085 Germany
By: Robin Nelson

Pack your bags! We’re headed to Germany. On this whirlwind tour, you’ll learn all about the country’s landscape, culture, people, and more. We’ll explore Germany’s Bavarian Alps, visit the Neuschwanstein Castle, and see the remains of the Berlin Wall. We’ll also taste wurst and celebrate Oktoberfest. A special section introduces Germany’s capital, language, population, and flag. Hop on board and take a fun-filled look at your world!
51rsu5pCbdL._SX362_BO1,204,203,200_ Germany
By: Amy Rechner

Germany is famous for many things. Cars, art, and classical music are a few, but there is another shining star among them. It’s the wurst! Germany is the home of hundreds of types of sausages. This title will fulfill young readers’ hunger for Germany as it explores the culture, landscape, and much more!
9781600144813 Germany
By: Walter Simmons

Developed by literacy experts for students in grades three through seven, this book introduces young readers to the geography and culture of Germany.
9781590360941_l Oktoberfest
By: Jill Foran

The Celebrating Cultures series invites young readers to explore the special cultural celebrations held throughout the United States. Each colorful volume explores the richness of a culture through its history, traditions, symbols, and festivities. In this volume, children learn more about Oktoberfest. It describes the history and various activities of Oktoberfest, a festival that originated in Germany.
1612283004 Recipe and Craft Guide to Germany
By: Julia Harms

Learn more about the “land of poets and thinkers” by building a letterpress or a model car propelled by jet force.


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