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Apples are one of the most iconic fruits of fall, becoming the centerpieces of pies and scents as the weather gets colder. Like many other fruits, apples grow on trees and are harvested to be sold at supermarkets and farmers’ markets worldwide. Green, pink, red, or yellow, apples come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. This book list includes titles for children that detail the science behind apples: how they grow, how they are harvested, and how to cook with them. The next time readers enjoy a mug of hot apple cider, they will know more details about the process each apple went through to make their delicious drink.
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9780823414970 Apples
By: Gail Gibbons

Explains how apples were brought to America, how they grow, their traditional uses and cultural significance, and some of the varieties grown.
9780439728089 Apples A to Z
By: Margaret McNamara
Illustrated by: Jake Parker

Fox, Bear, and their friends lead young readers through an apple alphabet—from apple buds and blossoms, through nutrition and orchards, to the X on an apple pie. Along the way, apple lovers will pick up a windfall of apple science and lore, as well as fun facts and child-friendly information. And twenty-six apple varieties are introduced, even ones for X, Y, and Z
9781551099354 Apples and Butterflies
By: Shauntay Grant
Illustrated by: Tamara Thiébaux-Heikalo

A rhythmic poem describes the sights and sounds of Prince Edward Island in autumn.
9781620310571 Apples in Fall
By: Mari C. Schuh

Visit an apple orchard and learn how apples grow, how cider is made, and what foods we make with apples. Color photos and easy-to-read text tell about this favorite treat in the season of fall.
1515770613 An Apple Tree’s Life Cycle
By: Mary R. Dunn

The process of a new life starting is fascinating! Watch an apple tree grow from a seed to a fruit-bearing tree. Young readers will learn about the stages in an apple tree’s life, as well as its appearance. The life cycle of an apple tree is a beautiful thing to see!
9781617419249 Apple Trees and the Seasons
By: Julie K. Lundgren

Presents the seasons through the ways apple trees grow and change over a year.
0778751201 Blossom to Apple
By: Sarah Ridley

Apples are a tasty food, but do you know where they come from and how they end up on supermarket shelves? Follow the story of an apple from the first pink buds on an apple tree, through the farming process to packing houses and eventually to your fruit bowl! Large, attractive photographs accompany the simple text.
9780525578758 How do Apples Grow?
By: Jill McDonald

Hello, World! is a series designed to introduce first nonfiction concepts to babies and toddlers. Told in clear and easy terms (“Apple seeds start to grow when they are planted in soil and given sunlight, water, and fresh air”) and featuring bright, cheerful illustrations, Hello, World! is a perfect way to bring science, nature, and culture into the busy world of a toddler, where learning never stops.
1617834181 Let’s Cook with Apples!: Delicious & Fun Apple Dishes Kids Can Make
By: Nancy Tuminelly

Make cooking super simple with these Super Simple Recipes. This book features a delicious main ingredient kids will love—apples! With step-by-step instructions on how to make easy and tasty recipes like crispy apple chips and sassy apple salsa, young cooks will jump at the chance to prepare their favorite food in new ways. Includes measuring guides and tools and ingredients lists to help enhance early learning.
9781610672436 Secrets of the Apple Tree
By: Carron Brown
Illustrated by: Alyssa Nassner

Who lives around the apple tree? Shine a light behind the page and see … Explore a tree up close and you will find a small world filled with great surprises! From worms wriggling among the roots to birds nesting high in the branches, the hidden wonders of this amazing habitat are revealed.
1502604434 Turning Apples into Applesauce
By: Wendy A. Reynolds

Learn how apples on trees transform into applesauce in this book for emerging readers.
9781433948206 Watch Apple Trees Grow/Mira como crece el manzano!
By: Mary Ann Hoffman

Briefly introduces the life cycle of the apple, from planting a seed through harvesting and selling the fruit. Bilingual text.


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