Book Review: Up on Bob


Up on Bob
By: Mary Sullivan
Reviewed by: Heather Christensen

A cat and dog must negotiate their napping spaces in this comical picture book. After Bob, a portly Dachshund, arranges a neatly made child’s bed into a not-so-neat, but much more comfortable nest, he is ready for a day of napping … until a perky kitten pounces on the bed and puts its own spin on the hard work of creating a perfect napping spot. The digitally-rendered illustrations are full of expression and whimsy. Bob’s look of satisfaction as he gazes around at the destroyed children’s room looks remarkably similar to a general overseeing a winning battlefield, and his look of weary patience as he endures the kitten climbing over him and kneading his fur is hysterical. The text is brief but perfectly paced. Sullivan tells a delightful story of friends whose actions seem at cross purposes, but in the end, seamlessly align. Fans of Sullivan’s succinct storytelling will not be disappointed by this latest tale.

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