Book Review: Go Green by Reusing


Go Green by Reusing
By: Lisa Bullard
Illustrated by: John Wes Thomas
Reviewed by: Lacey Norton

Going Green by Reusing is an illustrated, easy-to-read chapter book for young readers. The vibrant illustrations help readers to see all the “stuff” families accumulate, and how we can reduce our trash, reuse items vs. throwing them in landfills, and recycle items, especially plastic, so they don’t pollute the Earth or end up in the oceans. The illustrations help children to visualize many items that they may not realize don’t break down or can’t be reused, creating a plethora of trash in our landfills. This book has helpful tips such as, sometimes, it is easier and more cost-effective to repair a broken tire vs. throwing away the entire bicycle to get a new one. Another important tip is using a reusable water bottle vs. one-time use water bottles. This book is great for educators as it has a ‘text recall questions’ at the end of each chapter, as well as critical thinking questions and text features at the end of the book. A perfect book for Earth Day or any day that educators and parents alike want to help children take better care of the planet for the future.

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