Thematic Reading List: Photography



9781933952765 Photography for kids!: a fun guide to digital photography
By: Michael Ebert and Sandra Abend

Keys to capturing exciting images range from advice on how to take photos of small things such as insects to self-portraits and pictures that can be taken on any trip. Kid-friendly instructions and photoshoot ideas make this an excellent basic guide that displays the basics of what makes a photo composition great.
0778726541 Get Into Photography
By: Rachel Stuckey

Discusses cameras and equipment, how to focus, understanding light, frame composition, and photo editing. The author touches on the different types of photography, such as animal photography, portrait photography, still life photography, sports photography, and landscape photography.
0778725847 Maker Projects for Kids Who Love Photography
By: Kelly Spence

From high-powered cameras to smartphones, photography is a popular and accessible interest of many individuals today. This title helps young photographers explore the history of this important art and the pioneers who innovated and created some of the world’s most notable cameras and photos. Readers will learn about lenses, filters, composition, and lighting. They will also be encouraged to create their own photography projects using different styles and mediums and changing their photos into forms that suit their ideas and concepts.
1426320671 Guide to Photography
By: Nancy Honovich

Tips and tricks on how to be a great photographer.
9780763671549 Photos Framed: a fresh look at the world’s most memorable photographs
By: Ruth Thomson

Explores some of the most famous photographs in history, including Stephen Dalton’s “Ladybird Take-off,” Charles C. Ebbets’ “Lunchtime atop a Skyscraper,” and Neil Leifer’s “Muhammad Ali versus Sonny Liston.”
9781422234136 Photo Science
By: Jane Gardner

Discusses various aspects within photography: lenses, time-lapse, pictures in space, digital technology, the darkroom, and the science of selfies.


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