STEM Reading List: Word Problems

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Word problems are used in all facets of math. This book list includes books with a variety of math word problems and books that teach students word problem strategies.








9780766033672 Algebra Word Problems
By: Rebecca Wingard-Nelson

Having a problem with word problems? Author Rebecca Wingard-Nelson introduces simple ways to tackle tricky word problems with algebra. Real-world examples make the book easy to read and are great for students to use on their own or with parents, teachers, or tutors. Free downloadable worksheets are available on
0766077136 Word Problems with Money
By: Portia Summers

With full-color photographs and simple, engaging language, this book introduces young readers to word problems involving money, helping them learn the skills needed to handle money on a daily basis. Words to Know help students learn new vocabulary, and “Moments in Minting” sidebars introduce young readers to interesting facts about currency.
1598453254 Problem Solving and Word Problem Smarts!
By: Rebecca Wingard-Nelson

Provides step-by-step basic problem-solving strategies, including solving algebraic expressions and equations and different kinds of word problems.
9780967802008 65 Short Mysteries You Solve with Math!
By: Eric Yoder and Natalie Yoder

In the second book in the wildly successful One Minute Mysteries series, kids must tap into their critical thinking skills to solve these entertaining and educational mysteries. Each one-minute-long mystery challenges readers’ knowledge of math in everyday life situations.
0778710939 Time World Problems
By: Lisa Cocca

Engaging narrative, vivid photographs, and real-world examples combine to teach readers how to solve time word problems. Readers will learn how to measure time intervals in minutes and represent authentic time problems on a number line diagram.
9780766042506 Ready for Word Problems and Problem Solving
By: Rebecca Wingard-Nelson
Illustrated by: Tom LaBaff

This book explains the steps needed to solve word problems. It begins with problem-solving steps and tips and then guides readers through the information they need to solve the problem. It covers topics such as looking for patterns and drawing a picture. The reader also learns about logical thinking and how to work backwards to solve the problem.


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