STEM Reading List: Geometry


Help students understand geometry and reinforce classroom geometry lessons by building a library collection that includes various books featuring the subject. These six books are excellent additions to school and public library collections.







9780766037830 Geometry
By: Rebecca Wingard-Nelson

Reinforce in-class geometry skills such as lines, angles, polygons, triangles, and the Pythagorean theorem. Wingard- Nelson introduces all the topics students need to know about geometry. Includes great test-taking tips for solving multiple-choice, short-answer, and show-your-work questions. An excellent book for students to use on their own or with parents, teachers, or tutors. Free worksheets are available on
9780766039353 Geometry Smarts!
By: Lucille Caron

The basics of geometry—lines, angles, planes, rays—are a great beginning to this addition to the MATH SMARTS! series. Geometry, which means “earth measure,” is used to measure anything on earth. No matter what size a rectangle is—whether it be a computer chip, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, or a city block—you can always find its area by multiplying length by width. Readers also learn about polygons, triangles, circles, congruent figures, symmetry, and cones, as well as areas, perimeters, circumferences, volumes, and more! 
1627178309 Galactic Geometry
By: Lisa Arias

Get ready to discover and uncover the properties of shapes. Learn all about dimensions, length, width, and 2- and 3-dimensional shapes. With the rhyming text in this book, readers will discover hexagons, polygons, pentagons, and so much more in a fun and easy to understand way! So, blast off and learn all about galactic geometry! This book will allow students to understand that attributes belonging to a category of 2- or 3-dimensional figures also belong to all subcategories of that category.
9780778705109 Stone Age Geometry
By: Gerry Stone Bailey

Leo teaches his cat Pallas all about spheres by applying his knowledge of geometry to their Stone Age world. Entertaining illustrations and stories provide a fun introduction to math concepts, including radius, circumference, and diameter. Information boxes accompany each story to explore real applications of spheres in the natural and designed world.
9780766042889 Geometry, It’s Easy
By: Rebecca Wingard-Nelson

Discover points, lines, and planes. Learn about circles, symmetry, and line relationships, and practice finding perimeter, area, volume, and circumference. This book can be read from beginning to end or use it to review a specific topic.
162717835X Glorious Geometry
By: Lisa Arias

In this rhyming text, students will gain an understanding of how geometry is made up of lines, angles, and shapes, and how to differentiate between these sometimes confusing ideas. This book will guide them through understanding geometry with the help of visual representations, step-by-step instructions, and sample questions. It will allow students to draw and identify lines and angles and classify shapes by properties of their lines and angles. So, hop on the line and follow the path of understanding geometry!


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