Thematic Reading List: National Weatherperson’s Day – February 5


People who predict the weather, also known as meteorologists, have the challenging task of hypothesizing how weather patterns will move and change hours and even days into the future. The science behind this job is robust, but it is not always accurate as the weather does not always behave as it seems it will. These books go deeper into weather and the events that cause the weather to shift and change. This book list is comprised of nonfiction books for readers aged 8-12 that detail the science behind weather and the specifics of the job of a meteorologist.
Contributed by: Mary Lanni

9781579127435 Extreme Weather
By: H. Michael Mogil

Looks at the how’s and why’s behind the planet’s most devastating natural events, including hurricanes, floods, tidal waves, tornadoes, and heatwaves.
Forecasting the Weather
By: Elizabeth Miles

How do people forecast the weather? What is a weather front? How can people look at storms from space? Read this book to find out all about forecasting the weather. Each book in the Watching the Weather series looks at a different kind of weather. Discover what creates each kind of weather. Find out how the weather can affect your life. Do a fun step-by-step weather project.
How the Weather Works
By: Christiane Dorion
Illustrated by: Beverley Young

Tackling both normal and extreme scenarios, this is an entertaining and enlightening exploration of the world’s weather. With bright, friendly illustrations, plus pop-ups, pull-tabs, and booklets, this interactive book stimulates learning and encourages children to think about how humans can influence the Earth’s climate.
Meteorology and Forecasting the Weather
By: Amy Hayes

Predicting the weather hasn’t always been possible, and even today, it isn’t always accurate. However, meteorologists do their best to study past and current weather patterns to make educated guesses about how the weather may be in the near future. Meteorologists use several tools to help them forecast the weather, such as weather balloons, satellites, and Doppler radar. These tools help meteorologists forecast the weather and may also help them save lives in the event of severe weather.
9780531246788 Meteorology: The Study of Weather
By: Christine Taylor-Butler

Explains what meteorology is, shows the impact of the weather on human history, and looks at origins of weather phenomena, the role of the water cycle on weather, and the work that meteorologists do.
9781480746480 Tracking the Weather
By: Monika Davies

Rain, sunshine, warm fronts, and cold fronts. Have you ever listened to a weather report? Knowing the weather can help us plan ahead. But reporters aren’t the only ones who can track the weather. You can, too!
1592700594 Weather
By: Eduardo Banqueri

Presents a guide to meteorology with information on seasons, climates, the atmosphere, clouds, storms, weather prediction, maps, and more.
9781783252398 Weather: The Powerful Forces and Fragile Resources of Earth
By: Moira Butterfield

Looks at the weather, how people have learned about it, forecasting, its impact on the Earth, the ways the things people do affect the weather, and related topics.
0791088596 Weather
By: Richard Spilsbury and Louise Spilsbury

‘Weather’ examines the impact of weather on all our everyday lives, including global climate change and its effects, tropical storms and tornadoes, and winds around the world.
9780756619534 Weather
By: John Woodward

Describes types of weather found in various parts of the world including blizzards, monsoons, drought, and heatwaves.
1404230572 Weather Maps
By: Ian F. Mahaney

Full-color maps teach the basics about different kinds of weather. Explore how meteorologists use weather maps and other tools to forecast weather.
9780545683678 Wild Weather
By: Sean Callery
Illustrated by: Carolyn Bracken

Ms. Frizzle and her class head into the clouds to explore weather, including hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, lightning, and weather forecasting.


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