Thematic Reading List:Technology Day!


Technological advances throughout history have improved human existence in countless ways. From food production and distribution to sports and entertainment, technology affects human lives every day. In honor of Technology Day, January 6, this book list includes nonfiction titles for readers aged 7 to 18 about significant technological advances throughout history and some of the many people who have made these improvements possible.
Contributed by: Mary Lanni

9781632353610 12 Unsung Heroes of Technology
By: Todd Kortemeier

From early computer programmers to video game creators, this book introduces remarkable individuals whose contributions to technology were often overlooked. Colorful spreads full of photographs and sidebars support reader engagement and celebrate each hero’s achievements.
9781682820421 Cutting Edge Medical Technology
By: Toney Allman

Learn about the latest innovations in medical technology, including robot-assisted surgery, precision medicine, tissue and organ engineering, and clothing with medical-quality sensors.
0237534304 Energy Technology
By: Chris Oxlade

Describes new technologies that are helping make fossil fuels, biofuels, water, and wind energy, and solar energy more efficient and discusses different ways we will get energy in the future.
9781410942746 Food Technology
By: Neil Morris

Defines food, describes nutrients and discusses how computers are used in making food.
9781781214541 Music Technology: From Gramophones to Music Streaming
By: Tracey Kelly

Trace the invention history of music from early gramophones to today’s streaming music systems.
9781599205342 Sports Technology
By: Stewart Ross

Describes the technological advances in the sports industry, including the technology used to create better equipment, sportswear, judging tools, and playing surfaces.
9781610802086 Technological Design
By: Lyn A. Sirota

This book explains the concept of technological design. The reader is encouraged to make predictions, perform purpose-driven research, and creatively solve problems presented about technological design.
9780753463079 Technology
By: Peter Kent

Describes the latest innovations in technology, including the fields of transportation, aeronautics, energy resources, graphic arts, and even roller coaster engineering.
9781619303256 Technology: cool women who code
By: Andi Diehn and Lena Chandhok

Young readers discover exactly what technology is, how it evolved, and where the future may lead. They also meet three women who have contributed to the field in critical ways. High-interest content with links to primary sources and essential questions further expands kids’ knowledge and understanding.
9781599200972 Technology: Ethical Debates about the Application of Science
By: Jon Turney

Presents both sides of issues arising from how we use technology, including Internet use, identity theft, technology and the military, nanotechnology, and robots and automation.
1433348691 Technology: Feats & Failures
By: Stephanie Paris

Introduces some of the most successful inventions of all time, including frozen food, the telephone, combustion engines, and antibiotics, and also notes famous invention failures in technological history.
9781489697349 Transportation Technology: Designed by Nature
By: Wendy Hinote Lanier

How have geckos helped improve surgical tape? How have whales helped improve windmills? In this fascinating series, learn how scientists are using nature as inspiration for a wide variety of new inventions.


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