Thematic Reading List: Tech Careers


Technology careers are available in a variety of disciplines, from medicine to energy, yet many students may not be aware of the magnitude of opportunities available. If students are good at problem-solving, critical thinking, and have a keen eye for creativity, a job in technology may be the perfect fit for years of rewarding work. Our list of 12 career books share a multitude of career options available in this fascinating field. As you will notice, many of the books on our list are part of a series of books related to different technology career tracks. If you are interested in more books from a particular series, simply click on the series name in the Series section of the CLCD book detail display.

9781534132948 Careers in Drone Technology
By: Joshua Gregory

Learn about a career as an aerospace engineer, artificial intelligence researcher, drone photographer, mechanical engineer, software developer, and UAV pilot.
1682821102 Careers in Environmental and Energy Technology
By: John Allen

Explores the careers of environmental analysts, solar PV installers, wind turbine technicians, energy consultants, air quality forecasters, petroleum engineers, fuel cell engineers, and renewable energy project developers.
1682821129 Careers in Gaming
By: Laura Roberts

Explores the careers of a game developer, game mechanic designer, programmer, sound designer, technical support specialist, animator, 3D artist, and quality assurance tester. Includes an interview with a game designer and other jobs in gaming.
9781508172963 Getting Paid to Make Games and Apps
By: Kristina Lyn Heitkamp

This title offers readers from grades seven through twelve the chance to discover career options in game and app development and the education that will qualify them for those options. Apart from figuring out the creative side, the reader will also discover what is necessary to break into an extremely competitive market as a professional. Readers will experience engaging sidebars that introduce successful young developers and their creations, and various types of references throughout will allow the reader to take in the whole world of development.
9781508172987 Getting Paid to Work in 3D
By: Don Rauf

This informative book shows just how 3D works in movies, gaming, apps, and social media. It then guides readers on what courses to take to develop their tech skills in the field. Finally, readers learn how to go about finding a job in a landscape where businesses are now realizing the great potential of 3D, from animated movies to virtual reality.
9781682824351 Info Tech Careers
By: Stuart A. Kallen

Teens who have an interest in the STEM subjects, and are contemplating their career choices, will find useful descriptions, essential facts, and valuable opinions and advice in this series. STEM careers introduces readers to various career options within a given field and explores what the jobs entail, educational requirements, salary ranges, required skills, employment prospects, and more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment for information technology professionals is expected to grow 13 percent through 2026. This projected growth is pegged to an industry that is expanding at warp speed and Info Tech Careers helps teens learn more about what they need for a career in information technology.
9781534132962 Careers in Personal Space Travel
By: Martin Gitlin

Introduces six exciting careers as an aerospace engineer, astronaut, astronomer, atmospheric scientist, avionics technician, and public relations specialist. It features sidebar activities that invite readers to Imagine That! and Dig Deeper! Includes a glossary, index, and supplementary backmatter.
9781534129795 Careers in Virtual Reality Technology
By: Joshua Gregory

Introduces careers as a 3D animator, 3D artist, game designer, hardware engineer, programmer, and research scientist- and features sidebar activities.
9781534133006 Careers in Wearable Electronics
By: Marty Gitlin

Readers get acquainted with the people behind today’s most cutting-edge technologies in the wearable electronics field. Careers in Wearable Electronics introduces six exciting careers- artificial intelligence programmer, data analyst, game developer, hardware director, and project manager.
1499460910 Powering Up a Career in Biotechnology
By: Eric Minton

Discusses the new frontiers in biotechnology, the education needed for a career in biotechnology, and the future of biotechnology.
1682821161 Careers in Medical Technology
By: Bradley Steffens

Artificial organs, gene therapy, nanotechnology, and other technologies are changing medicine and offering endless career opportunities. Comments from people in the industry, current statistics and forecasts, and realistic descriptions provide a useful look at medical technology jobs ranging from research scientists to biomedical engineers to radiation therapists.
9781499460872 Powering Up a Career in Nanotechnology
By: Kristi Lew

Jobs in nanotechnology are STEM-related careers, and opportunities are expanding rapidly. Scientists imagine using nanoscale science to better understand and enhance the fields of medicine, imaging, computing, printing, chemical manufacturing, and material science. A profession in nanoscale science might involve the development of increasingly small medical devices, the design of improved automobile or aeronautical manufacturing processes, the creation of new cosmetics or fabrics, or the production of faster and smaller computers. Readers explore a multitude of nanotechnology jobs, most of which focus on atom and molecules. Career preparation, education requirements, and job search strategies are highlighted.


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