Thematic Reading List: Hello, Winter!


The chill of winter brings with it snow, hot cocoa, and winter fun. Especially for young children who have not had much experience with this season, the arrival of winter can be magical! Folk tales and stories about winter abound, as do non-fiction titles that explain winter in an accessible and factual way. Both kinds of books are found in this book list and provide readers under age 5 with a variety of titles to enjoy as the days become shorter and colder.
Contributed by: Mary Lanni

9780763696863_p0_v1_s600x595 A Day For Skating
By: Sarah Sullivan
Illustrated by: Madeline Valentine

On a brisk winter’s day, the frozen pond is crisscrossed by figure skaters, hockey players, new skaters, and old pros, all gliding across the ice. It’s time to bundle up, lace your skates, and give it a try—then head inside for cocoa and snacks when your cheeks grow rosy, and your toes are cold. Back at home, warm bedtime rituals make for the end of a perfect day. But when darkness falls at the pond, who will come out to skate?
0805073841 The First Day of Winter
By: Denise Fleming

A snowman comes alive as the child building it adds pieces during the first ten days of winter.
0399169814 The Mitten
By: Jan Brett

After Nicki accidentally drops his mitten in the forest, it becomes an object of curiosity for a mole, a rabbit, a badger, a tiny brown mouse, a big brown bear, and others, as they all crawl into it.
0439673607 Penelope in the Winter
By: Anne Gutman

Children can help Penelope, a blue koala bear, get dressed for a day outside, and play fun games in the snow by pulling the tabs on each interactive page.
9780670012701 The Snowy Day
By: Ezra Jack Keats

The adventures of a little boy in the city on a very snowy day.
1419718231 Winter
By: David A. Carter

Animals in a wintry countryside eventually settle down to sleep, in a text with flaps and pop-up illustrations.
9781599536828 Winter
By: Mary Lindeen

Winter is a special time of year. The air is cold, snow falls, and animals sleep. People go sledding and skating and celebrate New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Find out about all the things there are to do in winter. This title includes reading activities and a word list.
9780807591246 Winter Cats
By: Janet Lawler
Illustrated by: Ela Smietanka

Willy, an indoor cat, is told that outdoor cats are “weird and wild” but sneaks out to play with them in the snow and learns that they make great friends.
9781605371238 Winter Snow
By: Liesbet Siegers

Describes a variety of objects and activities related to a child’s first snow, from dressing in warm layers and catching snowflakes to sledding and making snowmen. On board pages.
9781404837669 Winter White
By: Christianne Jones
Illustrated by: Todd Ouren

Children enjoy playing in a white winter wonderland.


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