Thematic Reading List: 10 Books to Complement Grammar Teaching


Need supplemental text for your language arts lessons? These 10 picture books complement grammar learning for grades K-3.







9780807502563 Alfie the Apostrophe
By: Moira Rose Donohue
Illustrated by: JoAnn Adinolfi

Alfie the Apostrophe feels unsure of himself until he shows off his abilities for possessives and making contractions at the Punctuation Talent Show.
9781433900099 Karate Contractions
By: Gail Herman

As Buzz and Isobel report on the tournament’s events, their conversation is filled with contractions, all in bold print, and Buzz fills Isobel in on the many rules. In this volume of the Grammar All-Stars: Kinds of Words series, sports announcer Buzz Star is covering a karate tournament and teaching Isobel, last year’s winner, about the proper use of contractions.
9781641701457 The Day Punctuation Came to Town
By: Kimberlee Gard
Illustrated by: Sandie Sonke

There’s a new family in town: the Punctuations! When Exclamation Point, Question Mark, Period, and Comma join the letters at school, they form words like Wow! and Why? and Yes. But Comma isn’t sure where he belongs. He just seems to get in the way. Is he really important?
9780312628994 Dear Deer: a book of homophones
By: Gene Barretta

When clever Aunt Ant moves to the zoo, she describes the quirky animal behavior she observes by speaking in homophones, from the moose who loved mousse to the fox who blew blue bubbles.
0375812334 Here Comes Silent e!
By: Anna Jane Hays
Illustrated by: JoAnn Adinolfi

Silent e, a quiet, unassuming young boy, magically changes objects wherever he goes, such as making a little bit of cake a bite of cake or turning a kit into a kite.
9781404853294 If You Were Quotation Marks
By: Molly Blaisdell
Illustrated by: Sara Gray

A fun way to learn where quotation marks belong through a story about a classroom production of different plays.
1430111151 Nouns and Verbs Have a Field Day
By: Robin Pulver
Illustrated by: Lynn Rowe Reed

When the children in Mr. Wright’s class have a field day, nouns and verbs in the classroom make their own fun.
9780823421275 Silent Letters Loud and Clear
By: Robin Pulver
Illustrated by: Lynn Rowe Reed

When Mr. Wright’s students express a dislike for silent letters, the offended letters decide to teach them a lesson by going on strike.
9780822579823 The Vowel Family: a tale of lost letters
By: Sally M. Walker
Illustrated by: Kevin Luthardt

The members of the Vowel family have a hard time talking until their children, Alan, Ellen, Iris, Otto, and Ursula, are born, and when one of them gets lost one day, it takes their Aunt Cyndy to fix the problem.
0374482179 The War Between the Vowels and the Consonants
By: Priscilla Turner
Illustrated by: Whitney Turner

The vowels and the consonants fight each other until they realize that if they work
together, they can create marvelous poems, plays, and memoirs.


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