Thematic Reading List : Colors


Colors are some of the first words children learn since they serve to describe almost anything children see. Though not learned in detail until much later, children can observe the way light changes the color and appearance of objects, supporting a STEM curriculum even to the youngest of readers. These books give children between the ages of 0 and 3 a context through which to experience color, whether independently or with the help of a caregiver. Bright pictures and sturdy board pages make for excellent reading for children in this age group.
Contributed by: Mary Lanni

9781416998211 Baby’s Colors
By: Karen Katz

An introduction to colors and objects that baby might see.
9780531252314 Can You Find Colors?
By: No Author

Simple text and illustrations help young readers to recognize colors.
0764167421 Colors
By: Nick Ackland
Illustrated by: Jennie Bradley

This bright and busy board book is an ideal first book for baby! In Colors, toddlers get to explore an early concept through engaging words and pictures. They will love pointing out new and familiar objects in their favorite colors: red, green, purple, and more. Perfect for parents and toddlers to read together.
9780753464939 Colors
By: Simon Basher

Little Bobo bounces from his bed through a series of bright items demonstrating basic colors. On board pages.
1593546297 Colors
By: Emily Bolam

Introduces six colors with textured illustrations of a red strawberry, a blue ocean, a yellow piece of cheese, a green tree, and a zebra with black and white stripes. On board pages.
9781452117263 Colors
By: Xavier Deneux

This book explores different colors using simple, raised die-cut shapes on a left-hand page mirrored in the scooped-out forms of the right.
9781426309298 Colors
By: No Author

The interactive Look & Learn series is a multi-layered, skill-building approach that introduces concepts with context reinforcement so learning sticks. These eye-catching books make early learning fun.
1609052714 Colors
By: SAMi
Illustrated by: Harriet Ziefert

Allows young readers to add hair, glasses, hats, bows, and flowers of different colors to plain faces through die-cut pages. On board pages.
148144218X Critter Colors
By: Ashley G.

Introduces the concept of color-mixing, with illustrations featuring two colors that, when mixed, form a third color which is depicted on a variety of animals, from a gray cat to a blue whale.
1499800495 Lionel and Molly: Colors: a Touch-and-Feel Book
By: Joanna Lake
Illustrated by: Jess Racklyeft

Lionel the lion and Molly the mouse play together and discover the colors of the world around them, including the yellow of the sun, the blue of puddles, and green of apples.
0399243860 My Very First Book of Colors
By: Eric Carle

Readers can strengthen their knowledge of colors as they match common objects and their dominant colors, in a book with split pages. On board pages.
9780531209172 Red Pepper, Yellow Squash: a book of colors
By: No Author

Introduces young readers to different colors, providing images of vegetables that represent each color, from purple eggplants and yellow corn to green broccoli and orange carrots.


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