Thematic Reading List: Zombie Fiction for Middle Grade Readers


Whether you are protecting your school, family, or community, getting rid of zombies takes a lot of bravery. Enjoy these 8 middle grade reads about courageous zombie hunters, and a few courageous zombies themselves.

9781338305920 Project Z: A Zombie Ate My Homework
By: Tommy Greenwald

Arnold Z. Ombee has escaped a secret government lab that’s developing zombies. Young, scared, and alone, he is found by the Kinders, a warmhearted couple who take him in.
The Kinders decide Arnold will become part of their family. They help him disguise his undead appearance and teach him how to act like a human boy. After a lot of practice, he’s ready for the ultimate test: Fifth grade!
1622508963 Zombies
By: Evan Jacobs

When Leo the liar is terrorized by real zombies, no one believes him because of his dishonest reputation.
9781770496088 Zombie Elementary: the real story
By: Howard Whitehouse

After he is almost eaten by one of his classmates, zombie-hunting fourth grader Larry Mullet and his friends fight back against the zombies who have invaded their school.
9780765326720 Enter the Zombie
By: David Lubar

When the head of the Bureau of Useful Misadventures (or BUM) discovers that an evil organization is using the Student Mind and Body competition to recruit agents, he asks Nathan to enter the competition, but things go terribly wrong when Nathan’s nemesis starts to notice some odd things about him, and Nathan fears his zombie identity will be exposed.
0375824839 The Zombie Zone
By: Ron Roy

Reports of zombies and grave-robbers alarm the people of a Louisiana swampland village, but Ruth Rose, Josh, and Dink begin to suspect that the supernatural may not be the cause of the eerie occurrences.
9780763659301 The Music of Zombies 
By: Vivian French

When planning for Cockenzie Rood Day, Prince Albion gets kidnapped because a zombie wants to play his fiddle in the talent contest. Trueheart, a prince and Gubble the troll must stop the zombie before real damage is done to the Five Kingdoms.
9780061853074 Undead Ahead
By: John Kloepfer

While trying to survive after zombies take over Phoenix, Arizona, Zack, Rice, and Madison discover a zombie antidote and embark on a mission to save the nation from the undead scourge.
9781429992954 Invasion of the Appleheads
By: Annette Cascone

Katie and her eleven-year old brother Andy Lawrence move to Appleton, and while spending a day sightseeing at the famous Appleton Orchard strange things start happening, starting with their parents turning into appleheads and the town’s children are turning into zombies.


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