Thematic Reading List: Touch and Feel!


Young children learn about their environment by using their senses: especially their sense of touch. The books in this list all incorporate segments that are meant to be explored by young hands. Textures abound on these pages, including soft things, rough things, smooth things, and more. Children ages 0-3 will love reading these books and learning new vocabulary as they experience each feeling.
Contributed by: Mary Lanni

9780312498580 Baby Animals
By: No Author

Rhyming text introduces baby animals, including baby rabbits, puppies, ducklings, lambs, and tiger cubs. On board pages.
9780312508517 Colors
By: No Author

Identifies different colored objects, including blue socks, a red tomato, green peas, and a purple flower, using illustrations comprised of finger and thumbprints.
9781589255593 Farm Barnyard Fun
By: Jonathan Litton

Using simple rhyming text and photographs of familiar barnyard animals and objects, with touch-and-feel textures on each page, young readers learn about life on a farm.
9780375854194 Fuzzytails 123: A Touch-and-Feel Counting Book
By: Lisa McCue

Invites young readers to count animals as they enjoy themselves by dancing, jumping, scampering, and sliding. On board pages.
1416983015 Good Night Little Bunny
By: Jane Yolen
Illustrated by: Sam Williams

Follow a little bunny as he puts on his pj’s, brushes his teeth, and gets ready for bed. Touch-and-feel elements throughout this sweet board book are certain to engage young readers as they follow this adorable bunny’s nighttime routine.
9780312506421 Honk! Honk!
By: No Author

Rhyming text describes different kinds of trucks, including dump trucks, fire trucks, and backhoe loaders. On board pages.
9780763648022 I Like Bugs: A Touch-and-Feel Board Book
By: Lorena Siminovich

Collage illustrations and simple text invite the reader to explore the world of insects, from one dragonfly to five busy bugs.
9780756630171 Kitten
By: Jane Burton and Angela Royston

Photographs and text show the development of a kitten from birth to ten weeks old.
0316074047 My Spanish Touch and Feel Book of Colors
By: Rebecca Emberley

Presents the English and Spanish words for the colors and for various articles that are or may be each color, including a yellow banana and a red car, and invites young readers to feel the textured item on each spread. On board pages.
9781623702335 Ten Playful Tigers: a Touch-and-Feel Counting Book
By: Betty Schwartz and Lynn Powell Seresin
Illustrated by: Luciano Navarro

As young readers count, one little tiger turns into ten playful tigers–plus their mother.
+-+78862209_140 Wild Animals
By: No Author

Simple text and photographs with tactile patches introduce such wild animals as the lion, lizard, and dolphin.
9781416989585 Wings: A Book to Touch and Feel
By: Salina Yoon

From shiny red ladybug wings to fuzzy orange duckling wings, discover the exciting touch-and-feel textures of each flying creature.


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