Award of the Week: Florida Book Award


The Florida Book Award was established in 2006 to celebrate the best Florida literature. Authors must be full-time Florida residents, except in the Florida nonfiction and visual arts categories, where the subject matter must focus on Florida.







Younger Children’s Literature Winners
9780807540824 Just Right Family: An Adoption Story
By: Silvia Lopez
Illustrated by: Ziyue Chen

When Meili learns her parents are adopting another child, she must accept the role of big sister and realize a new addition can be just right too.
9780062485021 Just Being Jackie
By: Margaret Cardillo
Illustrated by: Julia Denos

Jackie Kennedy was an American icon of style and grace—but there was steel under that style. Her poise under fire, intelligence, and tireless work as First Lady earned her the respect of leaders worldwide and made her beloved by generations. Jackie’s legacy also extended beyond her time in public life. She was a talented journalist, a preservationist who secured the legacy of national landmarks, and an editor of award-winning books. This book is about the real woman behind the famous name, who was so much more than first appearances.
9781534429444 Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights
By: Rob Sanders
Illustrated by: Jared Andrew Schorr

Protesting. Standing up for what’s right. Uniting around the common good—kids have questions about all of these things they see and hear about each day. Through sparse and lyrical writing, Rob Sanders introduces abstract concepts like “fighting for what you believe in” and turns them into something actionable. Jared Schorr’s bold, bright illustrations bring the resistance to life, making it clear that one person can make a difference. And together, we can accomplish anything.
Older Children’s Literature Winners
1534426582 Charlie Hernandez & the League of Shadows
By: Ryan Calejo

Steeped in Hispanic folklore since childhood, middle schooler Charlie Hernandez learns the stories are true when, shortly after his parents’ disappearance, he grows horns and feathers and finds himself at the heart of a battle to save the world.
9781426328688 Astronaut Aquanaut: how space science and sea science interact
By: Jennifer Swanson

Space and the ocean. If you don’t think they go together, think again! Both deep-sea and space explorers have to worry about pressure, temperature, climate, and most importantly, how to survive in a remote and hostile environment. In this book go up in space with astronauts and dive deep down in the ocean with aquanauts to explore the far-off places of our planet and the solar system. With a strong tie into STEM topics–such as making connections, making comparisons, and recognizing patterns across content areas–readers will discover the amazing science and incredible innovations that allow humans (and sometimes only machines) to survive in these harsh environments.


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