Thematic Reading List:Mysteries in the Mansion


Spooky mansions are the perfect setting for an unsolved mystery. These 13 titles take readers into spooky, secretive halls for hours of engaging storytelling. A list geared towards 8 to 12-year-old readers.

9780448454672 Angel of the Battlefield (The Treasure Chest series #1)
By: Ann Hood

When their parents divorce, twelve-year-old twins Felix and Maisie move with their mother to live in the attic of a historic Newport, Rhode Island, mansion where they discover a hidden room that carries with it an intriguing secret.
9780823405817 Christina’s Ghost
By: Betty Ren Wright

After Grandma gets sick, Christina must spend lonely days with her grumpy Uncle Ralph in a spooky, isolated Victorian mansion, but things change when she meets the ghost of a little boy, who may be linked to a thirty-year-old murder.
043978249X Deep Secrets (Raven Hill Mysteries Case #4)
By: Emily Rodda

Elmo and his friends investigate when Aunt Vivien mysteriously disappears from her old house known as Mistfall Mansion.
9780142408247 Hannah West on Millionaire’s Rowe
By: Linda Johns

Pre-teen sleuth Hannah West gets caught up in a mystery involving feng shui and missing antiques while housesitting a mansion on Seattle’s famed Millionaire’s Row.
9781442422971 Mystery at Malachite Mansion (Nancy Drew mystery)
By: Carolyn Keene

When the polluted beach at their Malibu condo forces them to relocate to a holistic spa next door, Nancy Drew and her friends investigate the spa’s motivational guru, whom they believe may be responsible for the local ocean garbage dumping.
9780062676276_p0_v1_s550x406 Mystery in the Mansion(Case Closed #1)
By: Lauren Magaziner

Carlos and his friends must uncover who is sending death threats to a wealthy eccentric or Carlos’ mother may lose her business, and the reader decides which clues they will follow.
0635013479 The Mystery of Biltmore House
By: Carole Marsh

Set at America’s largest private residence-250 rooms-with real secret passages! Readers learn about the Victorian era when electricity & other “newfangled” things kids take for granted today first came to be. Napoleon, the Vanderbilts, & some of America’s greatest writers figure into the plot, as does natural resource conservation.
0142426431 The Puzzler’s Mansion
By: Eric Berlin

Winston attends a weekend of puzzles at a famous musician’s mansion, but when he and other young guests pursue a thief, they find themselves in big trouble. Puzzles for the reader to solve are included throughout the text.
1512401358 The Secret of Goldenrod
By: Jane H. O’Reilly

Fifth-grader Trina, who has never lived anywhere long enough to call home, is excited about moving into Goldenrod, an abandoned mansion, with her dad. But soon Goldenrod brings its secrets to her attention, including a forgotten doll, leaving Trina wondering what the old house wants from her.
9781619630369 Secrets at the Chocolate Mansion: a Maggie Brooklyn mystery
By: Leslie Margolis

Maggie Brooklyn is distracted from solving the mystery of who is out to sabotage the new sweet shop in the neighborhood because her new dogsitting job has her and her twin brother Finn spending time in what may be a real haunted mansion.
148471511X Serafina and the Black Cloak
By: Robert Beatty

In 1899, a twelve-year-old rat catcher on North Carolina’s Biltmore estate teams up with the estate owner’s young nephew to battle a great evil and, in the process, unlocks the puzzle of her past.
0143145711 The Shadows (The Books of Elsewhere series #1)
By: Jacqueline West

When eleven-year-old Olive and her distracted parents move into an old Victorian mansion, Olive finds herself ensnared in a dark plan involving some mysterious paintings, a trapped and angry nine-year-old boy, and three talking cats.
9780802728395 The Water Castle
By: Megan Frazer Blakemore

Moving into an inherited mansion in Maine with their mother and stroke-afflicted father, three siblings uncover a mystery involving hidden passageways, family rivalries, and healing waters.


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