Book Review: Crayola Wild World of Animal Colors


Crayola Wild World of Animal Colors
By: Laura Purdie Salas
Reviewer: Mary Lanni

Crayola does not disappoint when it comes to the vibrant colors on the pages of this book! Animals throughout the animal kingdom are filled with color. Some use their outward presentation for camouflage, others for attracting a mate, and still others as warnings to keep potential predators away from them. The colors of the rainbow are all represented in nature and in the pages of this book and are just the beginning in regard to the myriad hues that ripple from these primary shades. Oversized pages and large, detailed photographs immerse the reader in the text even without the use of words. Short sentences and engaging phrases make the book accessible to a wide range of ages, although it is best suited for ages four to eight. Whether looking at the pictures, learning about the animals, or enjoying a read aloud with family or classmates, this book will inspire readers to investigate further. The back matter connects the information presented in the text to real life: drawing is encouraged by presenting Crayola crayon colors that match some of the animals in the book, and a glossary and further reading are presented to help give readers direction should they wish to learn more. This is a highly recommended addition to elementary school non-fiction library collections.

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