Award of the Week: Aesop Prize


The Aesop Prize recognizes exceptional books, for children or young adults, that are based on folklore. The folklore must be accurately presented in the text and illustrations and add to the reader’s understanding of folklore.

2017 Winner
9780823436736 Noodleheads See the Future
By: Tedd Arnold, Martha Hamilton, and Mitch Weiss
Illustrated by: Tedd Arnold

Inspired by folktales about fools from around the world, brothers Mac and Mac Noodlehead exasperate Uncle Ziti, are fooled by their friend Meatball, and make a garden for their mother.
2016 Winners
9781626720350 I Am Pan!
By: Mordicai Gerstein

A picture book about Pan- the Greek god of the wild, shepherds, music, hunting and misrule.
1452138362 Lowriders to the Center of the Earth
By: Cathy Camper
Illustrated by: Raul the Third

Lupe Impala, Elirio Malaria, and El Chavo Octopus are now the proud owners of their own garage–but when a series of earthquakes hit their town and Genie, their beloved cat, disappears they find themselves traveling to the realm of Mictlantecuhtli, Aztec god of the Underworld, who is keeping Genie prisoner.
2015 Winners

West of the Moon
By: Margi Preus

In nineteenth-century Norway, fourteen-year-old Astri, whose aunt has sold her to a mean goatherder, dreams of joining her father in America.

Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes
By: Rick Riordan

Modern-day demigod Percy Jackson tells the origin stories of major Greek heroes, including Perseus, Bellerophon, and Atalanta, while offering his own personal take on his ancient associates.


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